Liberia: Former NPFL Fighters Warn Senator Prince Y. Johnson to Desist from Falsehood; Say He’s Dividing Natives of Nimba County

A former rebel ‘General’ of former President Charles Taylor’s National Patriotic Front of Liberia, Mr. Dopoe G. Menkarzon

Ganta, Nimba County– At least three of 30 ex-rebel generals of the National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL) and the Independent National Patriotic Front of Liberia (INPFL) who Senator Prince Y. Johnson accused of trying to make trouble have taken issues with him.

All of these former rebel fighters and Sen. Johnson hail from Nimba County.

According to the Senator, who prides himself as the ‘godfather’ of Nimba, two of the current lawmakers —Representatives Samuel G. Kogar and Larry Younquoi — allegedly transported these men from Nimba to Monrovia so that they could join the June 7 #SavetheState protest.

The senator further said these men were not only brought in to beef up the number of the protesters, but to also cause some trouble intended to make the peaceful protest “bloody” against the government of Liberia so that the international community will paint a bad picture for the government.

He alleged that the men, who had allegedly been transported to Monrovia by the Nimba County District #s 5 and 8, were well taken care-of days leading to the protest in the Soul Clinic Community, outside Monrovia.

According to Sen. Johnson, some of those former rebels, who himself helped train to fight the civil war, had phoned him to inform him about the plans when they (‘generals’) arrived in Monrovia.

The two lawmakers are not in the country at moment and the Senator acknowledged that. However, maintained that they had brought in these men to do their biddings before they left for the United States of America on national duties.

Speaking further, the Senator admit not having any evidence to prove his accusation but maintained that he had been phoned and told about the plan of his two legislative colleagues from the county.

Senator Prince Y. Johnson(MDR, Nimba)

When contacted by our Nimba County correspondent, Reps. Samuel G. Kogar of district 5 and Younquoi of 8 both denied and distanced themselves from said allegation. They counter-accused Sen. Johnson of trying to cause trouble not only for himself, but them as well.

Rep. Kogar specifically told FrontPageAfrica that upon his return, he is not going to just allow this accusation to slide as they have allowed others to just die without taking any legal actions against PYJ.

“This is the senator’s fourth time to accuse us, the two of us lawmakers,” Kogar told our correspondent.

Rep. Samuel Korgar

The accusation of the two lawmakers by Sen. Johnson brings to eight times that he has accused his kinsmen subversive activities against the State.

Few weeks ago, Sen. Johnson, who is the political leader of the Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction (MDR), an opposition political party, which heavily backs the ruling party, accused several of his kinsmen of planning to bring war in the country.

He had even accused some years ago of planning to kill former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

Those he had accused of such plan against the former President are Mr. Roland Duo, who was security advisor to her, Sen. Thomas S. Grupee and others.

However, the three former rebel generals, who Sen. Johnson accused of being about among the 30, have taken issues with him for falsely accusing them.

The three are Dopoe Menkazon, Mark Guan and Vannie Williams.

According to the three aggrieved men, Sen. Johnson’s statement based on a long-standing disagreement he has had against them. They, too, alleged that during the civil war, which ended 15 years ago, General Johnson had secretly told them to assassinate for President Charles Taylor and they refused to do so.

They told FrontPageAfrica that it was the Senator, who had trained them to be rebel fighters and on how to use guns.

Rep. Larry Younquoi

These ex-rebel generals said the years of war are over and they are now involved into meaningful ventures that are aimed at benefiting their families and are not thinking about any subversive acts against the State.

According to them, since they refused to do what Johnson had wanted them do, he continually tries to make trouble for them.

They told FPA that most of them don’t reside in Nimba as PYJ had said but that they are residing in different parts of Monrovia along with their families.

Menkazon, Williams and Guanh disclosed that the Senator’s accusation, made the government send some of its security operatives to search their homes and no weapons were found with them.

“We made this George Weah-led government on grounds that all of us came from the National Patriotic Party (NPP) to join with the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), which is the party President Weah is from. So, we made him President; we cannot allow any bad thing to come against this government,” they said.

They used the occasion to call on the elders and tribal leaders of Nimba to advice Senator Johnson to stop what he is doing against his fellow Nimbaians. “A leader should be able to unite people and promote peace and not to bring problem among the citizens,” they added.