Liberia to Setup Cargo Tracking System At All Seaports of Entry


MONROVIA – The Liberian government, through the National Port Authority (NPA), has disclosed the establishment of a tracking system at all seaports of entrances in Liberia to trace goods entering and leaving the country.

Report by Edwin G. Genoway, Jr [email protected]

The Cargo Tracking Note (CTN) or the global system of information on cargo for the protection of ships and port facilities, is a solution of verification and monitoring of international maritime transport in order to prevent any attack and locate the responsibility of each maritime operator in the case of shipping hazardous and dangerous product.

According to the NPA, the CTN helps to strengthen the image of ports and countries that have signed, respected and implemented the required plan of the ISPS Code.

The aim of the CTN is to contribute to the substantial reduction of risk for maritime security of ships and port facilities by providing accurate and reliable assessments of ships, their owners and managers.

In Africa, the process is under way in many countries including Liberia.

At the NPA, an international company, Global Tracking and Maritime Solutions (GTMS), will be responsible to monitor Liberia’s various ports of entrance as to what comes in and goes out.

NPA Managing Director Bill Tweahway on Wednesday, October 3, held a meeting with leading shipping companies to acquaint them with the new system expected to be put in place.

“We want the companies to be aware of the CTN and how the tracking system will operate at the ports of entrances. You and I know that many people do not declare the actual goods that are brought in the country; but if you are tracking the cargos that come in and leave the country and whatever tariff that is needed to be paid will be known accurately by the tracking system or the CTN,” he stated.

The NPA MD further said when the system is installed, Liberia will be meeting international standard.

“If you are tracking the cargos and you know what is coming in or going out or what tariff needs to be paid, will be known and accurately. No shipping company will not deny if there is any problem. They will not, because the tracking will provide all the necessary information on the cargos.”

The NPA boss noted that Liberians will be trained by the Global Tracking and Maritime Solutions on how to carry out the tracking function for the periods of time the company will operate at Liberia’s various ports.

He failed to disclose whether the company will be operating on a contractual basis or a voluntary level, saying, “Liberia will benefit economically from the operation of the company here.”

Mr. Tweahway has, however, instructed GTMS to make available to shipping Lines in Liberia all of the information on the tracking system to avoid embarrassment upon the establishment of the CTN.

“I told them to give all the information to the shipping lines because, the guys need to be acquainted with them. I want them to read them well to ask all of the questions they have for our next meeting.”

He did not disclose the date of the next meeting but said the next meeting will be the final before the introduction of the CTN at the NPA.