Liberia: All Dictatorships Come To An End

The Editor

The outside world knows what a dictatorship is when they see one except that the dictator and his clowns want to have it both ways…and it depends on who the players are talking to. Democracy and dictatorship cannot co-exist under any form of government: you are either a dictator running a dictatorship or a democrat running a democracy. 

Most African dictators think because they conduct “sham elections” therefore they pass the minimum test of democracy. If this fallacy holds then the likes of Saddam Hussein of Iraq, Moammar El Gadaffi of Libya, Hosni Mubarrack of Egypt, Mobutu Sese Sekou of DR Congo/Zaire, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, William Tubman, William Tolbert, Samuel Doe, Charles Taylor, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and now George Weah of Liberia could all sing the democracy song of holding “free, fair and transparent elections.” So why do their so-called “democracies” fail/fall in the end? Because democracy is a democracy and a dictatorship is a dictatorship…no ifs, buts, and ors. 

American democracy which is the Mother of all modern democracies plus the other western democracies are deeply rooted or planted in strong INSTITUTIONS: the constitution and the rule of law. This is why the January 6, 2021, American “insurrection” failed and the coup plotters are now being arrested to face justice.  

Mulbah Morlu, Nat McGill, Jeff Koijee, and Samuel Tweah don’t take time to read the annual US State Department Human Rights and Labor Practices Report. An example is when President Weah told the US Millennium Challenge Corporation officials to provide him and his cabinet ministers “study materials” in order to pass the MCC pass and fail the test. True indeed, the US stopped the hundreds of millions of dollars that went to Liberia each year to help with water and electricity restoration and road pavement. Nearby Sierra Leone gets about $400 million yearly including this year. God help Liberia.

Even if the coup plotters in America had succeeded in hanging VP Mike Pence and some Congreemembers as they chanted, the institutional pillars of American democracy are so strong that they could not have succeeded in stopping then-President-Elect Joe Biden and VP Camela Harris from taking office….the evidence is all crystal clear today.

A number of US Presidents have been assassinated while in the office including John Kennedy and the ever-popular Abraham Lincoln but the US government had never been overthrown. Even a military coup is not possible in America with its military second to none in the world. 

If you want to be a dictator, just be a dictator and don’t pretend to be a democracy. CDC Chairman Mulbah Morlu does not have the credentials to be a good disciple in a dictatorship. Their inexperience is made public from their defeat in the December 8, 2020, senatorial elections. Why go public to ask for the firing of someone you don’t want in the government? A phone call should solve the problem. Now you have exposed the government that it is not a democracy where all citizens have the right to employment unless they join the ruling CDC. REALLY.?? Inexperience exposed! George Weah and his minions need to study the works of Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, Fidel Castros, and others.

To run a perfect dictatorship, you can leave no stone unturned: the institutions that run a dictatorship must be headed by diehard fanatics, trained foot soldiers–your national elections body, police, national security apparatus, and very importantly, state media. There is no room for privately operated media, or they must follow the script of the state-run media.

But then again, the fish starts to rotten from the head. Weah is being schooled by the likes of people who have no record of higher education and who have not read books on historical revolutionaries and by dictators like Fidel Castro and others. That is why these fake democracies continue to fall all over the world because democracy and dictatorships are arch enemies. Darn good dictators last long although they fall in the end and the ones trying to mix them both are the first to tumble. Which one are you in Liberia? Just a thought and not a sermon.

Jerry Wehtee Wion 
Washington DC, USA

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