To The CEO “A PATRIOT’S DIARY” Mr. Ekena Wesley and beautiful wife to-be Mrs. Kemah Nahnee Sunu Carter-Wesley


Marriage is a Covenant:

Understanding the difference between Wedding and Marriage is the foundation of staying together happily as you soon tied the knot in this holy matrimony.

Big brother, please permit me to send these few words to you and your wife to be from my pro-poor corner in Congo Town, Monrovia Liberia. Permit me to say “You were married before getting married”. I say this to mean, your hearts were already connected as husband and wife, true love already existed before this wedding day.

Like I said earlier, Wedding is just the happening and ceremony to be held tomorrow and few hours after, both of you will be entering into a marital life. I am persuaded that the both of you have search deeper, have decided to make this excellent choice of leaving your mom & dad, brothers & sister, uncles and aunties, to be with each other for the rest of your lives despite individual flaws.

My candid appeal is that; don’t go enter this marriage the American, African or family’s ways. I prayed that you do it the scriptural or Godly way.

Ephisians 5:25-33, for the husband and

Ephisians 5:22-24 for the Wife, no matter the circumstances.

Remember, there is always a man’s concept and a God’s concept in everything, but in this marriage, kindly subscribe to the Godly concept of marriage and you will soon realize that the number of years you’ve been together does not count. With Godly concept of marriage, the husband and wife, always look sweet and lovely each day, as your LOVE for each is renew daily.

Thank God for the grace to fulfill this scriptural mandate and congratulations as you walk into the BEAUTY, LOVE, JOY AND PEACE OF A BLESSED MARRIAGE, MR. AND MRS. EKENA WESLEY.

From a distance, I submit sir.

Barak L. Sackor, your Junior Brother

National Internal Auditor

Winners Chapel International, Liberia-Mission