Liberia: The Veteran Writes About The Legend, What do we anticipate


The internet has been stunned by the news of veteran journalist Rodney Sieh’s book launch in London in a few days. According to Mr. Sieh, the book is titled The Unofficial Biography of George Weah. “Everyone, including myself, is excited to read this book. This excitement comes from the fact that the book is authored by a veteran Liberian journalist.

By Wilfred Hena Kpehewillie, Jr.

Rodney has written some of the biggest breaking stories in the country. His groundbreaking stories have cut across all topics. Rodney is a journalist, but his patriotism has made him a champion of the fight against corruption. His Many publications have exposed public corruption by naming and shaming state gangsters and masterminds of corruption.

The veteran journalist has been harassed and jailed, and his newspaper has been shut down. However, these calculated harassments have not weakened or lowered his resolve. I read his outstanding essay, “Jailed for Journalism,” which was published in the New York Times. Rodney was able to firmly recount the conditions of his detention and the excesses of the decaying justice system that sent him to prison. Rodney’s life was on the line as a result of the foul and stench-filled cell at Monrovia Central Prison. Although this man was facing 5,000 years in a common jail, his bravery and heroism were unaffected; his pen was still there, exposing the flaws of public corruption, encouraged by an imperial government.

Why wouldn’t anyone be excited about a book written on Liberia’s president by Rodney Sieh? Sieh is an investigative journalist who has dug up, uncovered, and shed light on stories that were kept in high secrecy. Some have suggested that because Rodney is neither the current president of Liberia’s confidant nor a close ally, he lacks the credentials to write a book about Weah. This argument defies common sense and is fundamentally flawed. Journalist Rodney is well-known throughout the world. He has access to information that the general public does not typically have. I’ll be better off spending my time reading a book written by someone other than the George Weah circle. I can be assured that the life of George Weah will be examined independently, objectively, coldly, and impartially.

On March 11, 2023, I can already picture the ambiance and vibe in London. I can foresee the glitz of the event and the participants’ whetting appetites as they wait impatiently for the award-winning journalist to share his perspective on the George Weah Story. I’ve read a lot of articles about George Weah. But readers will be eager to read a book about a notable person like Weah when a journalist of Rodney’s caliber does so. I’m being sliced into the same mood as many other people right now.

Weah has told us his tale. We have heard from his close friends and allies, and we have seen the dispute surrounding the biography of George Weah authored by Vah Isaac Tokpah and his associate. In addition, there are different narratives concerning his origins and his ascent to fame and recognition. Would this book dispel some of the skepticism regarding George Weah? Will it reveal any brand-new information? Our eyes and ears are wide awake as we excitedly await the publication of Rodney’s book, The Unauthorized Biography of George Weah, on March 11, 2023.

About the author:

Wilfred H. Kpehewillie, Jr is a freelance copywriter. He writes marketing copy that makes businesses stand out, increasing customer engagement, turning visitors into customers, increasing sales, and maintaining sustainable revenue. He can be reached at [email protected]