Massive Crowd Embrace ANC Alexander Cummings in Lofa County


Lofa County – In what is turning out to be a tour de force of a political campaign, Mr. Alexander B. Cummings of the ANC continues to gather enormous support across the county.

Drawing huge crowds at every stop, ‘Mr. Talk and Do’, is seemingly clearing his way to the second round of the October Presidential elections.  

While on tour of the supposed stronghold of the Vice President, Mr. Cummings received various endorsements and was met with an incredible amount of fanfare. 

Mr. Cummings discussed his vision for change and female inclusion with the various groups at a town hall meeting in Voinjama city hall. 

“We will work to support measures that promote women’s leadership and participation in politics, government, business and society. I personally will spearhead this initiative, by ensuring that at least 40% of my cabinet members will be women,” said Cummings. 

The political leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Mr. Alexander Cummings says during his administration, female participation in government will see a significant increase. 

During the meeting attended by various youth, women and elders, Mr. Cummings was endorsed by a group of women, now gathered under the name “Lofa Women for the Election of Mr. Alexander B. Cummings”.

Sis Esther, a member of the group, said that Mr. Cummings experience and many past donations to the people of Liberia was why she decided to support Mr. Cummings Presidential bid. 

“I know that he is serious about changing Libera and helping our people, because he has done it in the past already. “

“Mr. Cummings is the only person going from house to house, meeting and talking with us common people. I know that he loves Liberia, and is serious about changing our country.”, says Esther. 

Mr. Cummings has made several philanthropic efforts in Lofa including paying WAEC Exam fees for students attending the Lutheran Training School and Salayea Public School in Lofa County through the Cummings Africa Foundation. Cummings has also donated US$3,000 to Bolongoidu Mosque to complete a bigger mosque in Bolongoidu, Quardu Gboni District in Lofa County and provided medical supplies to the local hospital. 

Also, while appearing on the Voice of Lofa late evening radio program, Mr. Cummings, discussed the importance of female economic empowerment of the women of Liberia. 

“Our administration will seek to improve and promote women’s economic empowerment that is safe, secure and sustainable.”

“We will also work to lessen disparities in education, health, land rights, and trade opportunities for women, which we know greatly, influence their economic empowerment.”  

In true Cummings fashion, the Presidential candidate also held meetings across the county spreading his message to as many Liberians as possible. 

The politician dubbed as ‘talk and do’ is currently on a nationwide tour of the country, and will be returning to Monrovia on Tuesday for the last Presidential debate.  

The ANC standard-bearer has made enormous leap in terms of the overwhelming support received since the first Presidential debate organized by the Deepening Democratic Coalition (DDC) which pundits believed he (Mr. Cummings) won based on his articulation and how he intends to address some of the bedridden problems. 

Mr. Cummings will be attending the next debate on Tuesday alongside the other Presidential aspirants, with hopes of another excellent performance to set him on a path to victory.


The ANC’s political leader will also be holding a massive closing rally on October 7th in Monrovia before the election.