MacDella Cooper Encourages Liberians to Register to Vote


Monrovia – The political leader of the Union of Liberia Democrat has urged Liberians to take advantage of the voter’s registration process, come February 1 to make positive decisions that would bring change to Liberia.

Report by Augustine T. Tweh – [email protected]

According to MacDella Cooper, for too long Liberians have suffered from the consequence of bad political leadership and it was high time Liberians averted the situation.

“Liberians have been seeking a change for 169 years, still no change. People have taken Liberia as if it is their backyard. We say ‘no’ to bad leadership and ‘yes’ to good leadership,” she said.

In an interview with FrontPageAfrica (FPA) at the Crown Hotel in Paynesville over the weekend, the Presidential aspirant said if Liberians want to see the a better Liberia, they must turn out en mass for the voters registration exercise which will kick off in February, cautioning would-be voters that the October elections would be of no essence if they do not register to vote.

“February 1 must be the day when every person that calls himself/herself Liberian; that’s looking for a change in this country will go out to register to be a part of the decision making process. “

“When I think about February 1 and its importance, it is like that day you must be expecting your messiah to come. It is like the woman with the issue of blood; when you all who want to see change in Liberia, if you do not vote for your voice to be heard, you’d have no voice,” Cooper said.

Macdella Cooper urged Liberians to register and vote wisely; adding that the time to make the change Liberians have been yearning for has come.

“I was motivated to contest because I want to bring change to Liberia. A lot of years have passed and our young people lives have been wasted, they do not have the opportunity to education, our mothers do not have decent health facilities to give birth, we don’t have job for our fathers, they try to come home with that plastic bag that cannot just reach.

Our fathers need jobs that can give them a big check to come home with a plastic bag. So I am here to bring about changing Liberia’s system, and take away those failed policies that cannot just work for our people and continue to be recycled. I want to change those failed policies and implement policies that will work for the Liberians people.”

“I believe in the young people of Liberia. I always tell people that the Unity Party is different from my party. My party is called the Union of Liberia Democrat.

We are grass root party that represents the entire collection of Liberian. I am driven by passion, but I’m also a realistic person.”

“I can’t change the whole world, but I can help a few kids. By educating and caring for as many Liberian children as I can, I know they will contribute to the future economic development of our country” she asserted.

Madam Cooper used the occasion to call on all Liberians to join the Union of Liberia Democrat to work together for the upliftment of the country, adding that the Union of Liberia Democrat remains the only alternative for Liberians future.

“I understand the plight of the people of Liberia, especially the young people who make vast majority of the population.”

“We are going to work together to bring the change that we all desire, this is not just Macdella Cooper operation, this is for every young people who have tried but they just keep being left out of the equation. This is the moment to join me move the country forward,” she averred.