“From Foya To The Capitol” – A Book of Lessons


Monrovia – The Minister of Water and Environment and Chairperson for International Relations of the African National Congress of the Republic of South Africa, Dr. Edna Molewa says the political economy that Africa wants must be decided by Africans and that all Africans must come together to ensure that we build Africa.

Dr. Molewa said Africa must build a society that is united and to achieve this requires the commitment, dedication and spirit of men and women like Joseph N. Boakai, Vice President of Liberia, Dr. Nelson Mandela, Former President of South Africa and Dr. Kenneth Kaunda etc.

Dr. Molewa made these statements Saturday at the Executive Pavilion in Monrovia when she serves as keynote speaker at programs marking the official launching ceremony of the book written by Dr. Sakui W. G. Malakpa, highlighting the life story of Ambassador Joseph Boakai, Vice President of the Republic of Liberia,”From Foya To The Capitol.”

Born in Limpopo Province, South Africa, Dr. Molewa took the audience through the book in a splendid and captivating journey that lasted a few minutes but highlighted key issues from whence lessons for all generations could be drawn.

Dr. Molewa began the discussion by raising issues that took the audience back in time when Nelson Mandela was hosted in Liberia during the war against apartheid and racism and thank the Government and People of Liberia for the great hospitality shown to one of the greatest freedom fighters of all time, Nelson Mandela.

‘Liberia actually hosted Mandela,” Dr. Molewa said expressing “heartfelt appreciation” for the invitation and to be in a sisterly Republic to celebrate one of the greatest moments of our Lives, and emphasized the need for South Africa and Liberia to work towards solidifying the relations between the two African States.

Dr. Molewa who is also Chairperson for International Relations of the African National Congress of South Africa, said there are still many hills to climb referencing the Book written by Nelson Mandela and told the audience that South Africa choose the path of peace and prosperity and growth, adding together we can do more.

On the main subject for the occasion, Dr. Molewa herself an academic said there are many lessons that can be drawn from the book written by Dr. Sakui W.G. Malakpa on the life of Vice President Joseph Boakai and cited the first lesson as Vice President Boakai not having the luxury that many of us have today when he was growing up, yet never give up in life even though the Vice President departed from his mother at an early age. She explained that never be hopeless in Life and that hard work and dedication can take anyone through. She said she also sees in the book a lesson to persevere.

The Second Lesson Dr. Molewa, mentioned was openness and Transparency, rising up to what you are and facing the real issues of Life with honesty.

Dr. Molewa who was involved in political activitism during the days of apartheid in South Africa and detained several times recalled that in addition to perseverance, a very crucial virtue, said in the book from Foya to the Capitol she sees a lesson of openness and transparency.

The Third lesson to draw from the book is the importance of education, this she said is important for our children and Liberia, citing the rising of Ambassador Boakai from humble beginnings to the highest seat in the land.

Noting further the veteran ANC activist called the attention of the attendees to the issues of societal involvement in the life of Joseph Boakai, staying within the rules, and leadership abilities and the issue of falling not to stay there but to rise again and move on because as Nelson Mandela said there are still many hills to climb.

Dr. Molewa admonished the people of Liberia, South Africa and Africa as a whole to work together as brothers and sisters, saying we have no other choice but to work together for the betterment of the African Continent because we are linked together.

She disclosed that the Deputy President of South Africa will pay a visit to Liberia before elections; it can be recalled that Vice President Boakai visited South Africa two years ago and met with Deputy President of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa.

Dr. Molewa is credited for facilitating large investments in South Africa as Founding member of the Congress of Trade Union of South Africa, COSATU.

She also served as Minister of Social development of South Africa and sits on the World Water Council and was part of the Paris Agreement to combat climate change.

She referred to the program marking the official launch of the Book from Foya to the Capitol as “very important gathering.’