Mobile Clinic Provides Free Treatment For Monrovia Central Prison Inmates


Monrovia – The Chief Executive Officer of Serene Health for all Mobile Clinic, Maima Dabah Quoi Pelham, has called for the availability of good health for prison inmates around the country.

Report by Edwin G. Genoway – [email protected]

Madam Pelham described inmates as humans that deserve better lives and good health care while serving time at various correction centers in the country. 

She, however, urged the inmates to be good and learn from their mistakes that landed them (inmates) in prison, encouraging them to take care of themselves while in prison. 

She spoke with inmates at the Monrovia central Prison when her organization provided free treatment and medicines for inmates as a way of identifying with them during the festive season. 

“I want to tell you all that we love you and we are providing this free medical service to your as Christmas and New Year gift, please take good care of yourself as you are in here,” she said. 

Madam Pelham said her team was providing treatment for fever, malaria, and high blood pressure among many illnesses. 

She said inmates are humans despite being in prison, adding that good health is not restricted to certain people in life. 

“They are human and not need to be discriminated against; we want the inmates to take heart and be strong while in here,” she said. 

More than 300 inmates were treated at the Monrovia Central prison for Christmas and New Year. 

Varney Lake, the superintendent of the Monrovia Central Prison, praised the Serene Mobile team for “their great help to the inmates”. 

He was glad to receive the team to provide timely treatment for inmates, which could help avoid taking them to the John F. Kennedy (JFK) for treatment. 

“We’re happy to see our inmates getting free treatment in their numbers today, we normally take them at the JFK for treatment but for what we are observing here by Serene mobile providing free treatment and medicine, it is a great help to us all,” he said. 

Serene’s mission is to deliver free prompt and effective healthcare treatment to vulnerable and low-income household with limited access to health services. 

The charity was founded in 2013 by a group of nurses from the Redemption Hospital headed by Maima Dabah Quoi Pelham. 

With support from the National Oil Company (NOCAL) and Exxon Mobile, Serene Mobile has been rendering free medical services to citizens in Clara Town, West Point, Louisiana and other communities in rural Liberia. 

The program also provides medical care for pregnant women, monitors and gives them necessary health education on how and when to visit the hospital.

They are also given packages after delivery. 

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