Unity Party Chairlady in Grand Bassa County Resigns


Grand Bassa County – The Unity party Chairlady for Grand Bassa County Dehsaywren C. T. Colnoe has officially resigned from the party expressing that she cannot support the party choice of Vice President Joseph Boakai because her work in 2011 is yet to be recognized by the party.

“I have called this Press Conference to fully implement or demonstrate what I feel is my constitutional right as a citizen of Liberia. Ladies and gentlemen, I do hereby announce to the world that I Dehsaywren C.T. Colnoe resigned from the Unity Party as of today’s date without regret and declare my unflinching support for the Liberia Transformation Party”, the former Unity Party Chairlady said.

With political parties and politicians making frantic efforts to build and mobilize their support ahead of the pending 2017 general and Presidential elections, the ruling Unity party continues to see some of its senior partisans crossing over to other political parties.

Speaker of the House of Representatives, J. Alex Tyler and other senior partisans mainly Lawmakers have since left the party and now members and officials of the newly found Liberia People Democratic Party (LPDP).

The Lawmakers cited lack of consultation and other internal party disorganization for their decision to leave the party.

Now the Unity Party which got huge support from women and marketers is also now seen women leaving the party with expression of disenchantment over neglect.

According to the now former Unity Party Grand Bassa County Executive, there has been high level of neglect by the ruling party since the 2011 general and Presidential election that ushered the party to a second term of office.

“I don’t have the face to go back in the county to talk to people about Unity party, they have neglected us, so, I am not in favor of Boakai becoming President. Boakai is no different from the same unity party”, said Madam Colnoe.

She says the Unity Party is not concerned about the Liberian people and its partisans.

“The party does not have a good leadership style, whenever our standard bearer visited Buchanan, she will not even show that she has partisans there, we are always laughed at and we took risk to run madam Sirleaf campaign. Look around and see the cripple people, the blind, the disable they should be benefiting from a social welfare program”, the outgoing Unity Party County official lamented.

Over to Transformation Party

Madam Colnoe has meanwhile declared that she is now officially joining the Liberia Transformation Party headed by Rev. Kennedy Sandy.

“After carefully studying the platform of this party and the character of its standard bearer, Rev. Kennedy Sandy, I feel that the kind of Leadership which we have been praying for in this nation can be actualized and implemented by a man of such reputation”, she said.

The former Unity Party official says she is leaving the party on a high note with no criticism due to what she is terming as her good character over the years.

With election a little over a year away, it is expected that there will be more moving and shaking in the political arena as individuals decide their next political moves in preparation for the political process. The Boakai election also continues to get boost with individuals’ crossing over to support him.

Vacancy Announcement