Grand Bassa Community College Cuts Jobs – Dismisses Over 20


Buchanan City – Grand Bassa Community College (GBCC) has dismissed over 20 employees citing over staff of the college as the reason for the decision. 

Rev. Samuel Reeves, Interim President of GBCC, confirmed to FrontPageAfrica on Monday, January 8 about the college’s decision. 

According to Rev. Reeves, the decision to dismiss the employees was sanctioned by the Board of Trustees. 

“I am working with a direct mandate from the board of trustees,” he said.

“They told me that the College was overstaffed and I also noticed that the College had no money to maintain the huge staff,” he said. 

“We have dismissed over 20 persons and there are more people to be dismissed because we want to work with people that our budget can handle easily. We want to run a college that will move forward and not backward.” 

Rev. Reeves refused to disclose the names of those that were dismissed, but a reliable source, who asked not to be named, told FrontPage Africa that those affected were employed by suspended college President Dr. Nathaniel Gbassaygee. 

The dismissal at the college has scared many staff, who are afraid that they might also be affected during the second round of job cuts at the school. 

Some of those affected include the public relations officer, James Smith, the wife of suspended President Dr. Gbassaygee and many other support staffs. 

Smith said he “did nothing wrong” to have led to his dismissal and was disappointed in his dismissal,”

“I went to work last week and at the end of the day I received a letter from the human resource officer after I read the letter, I understood that I was dismissed but for no reason.” 

“The security of the college President told me that we were dismissed and the President told us to meet the HR for clarity but the HR told us nothing,” he said. 

GBCC previously had 93 employees before the appointment of Dr. Gbassaygee but he hired additional 40 workers including his wife. 

This sparked serious concern over the number of employees amid growing financial challenges at the school, which often prompted frequent go-slow actions by employees. 

The board of trustees intervened and demanded that the then President reduced the number of staffs because they were unaware of his decision to hire more people. 

But the board’s request was reportedly not adhered to, something that led to the suspension of Dr. Gbassaygee for time indefinite. 

Rev. Samuel Reeves who served as a member of the board of trustees of the College took over as acting President.

Report by Elton Wroinbee Tiah, FPA Contributor

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