Giving Back To Tennis, Joseph Crayton Promise LNTTA Tennis boards


MONROVIA – A former Liberian Tennis player Joseph R. Crayton has promised to provide table tennis boards to the Liberia Table Tennis Association.

According to Mr. Crayton, he saw the need for a table tennis board as such he decided to give back to the sports he loves.

By: A. Macaulay Sombai, [email protected]

He disclosed that he will present five locally made table tennis boards for the association and a butterfly racket for the winner of the youth champions in the just-ended LNTTA Unity and Memorial tournament.

He is of the conviction that his support will help the growth of the game and its athletes.

Mr. Crayton explained that table tennis is a game that they all started playing doing their youth days and they continued it until they got involved in major tennis tournaments he feels it is time for him to help contribute to the development of the game and its athletes.

 “We have to encourage the youth to get involved in table tennis because this is a game that we all love and started playing at a very earlier age and this center of the game is the real center of table tennis in Liberia so to me whatever I can do is to help the LNTTA to keep attracting and encouraging youth to play the game and keep them doing things that are more entertaining for the growth of the game of table tennis,” Crayton said.

He called on current athletes to take the game seriously because, through their  seriousness, they will be able to win more local and international championships.

“To our youth athletes, we want you all to take your training with seriousness because through the serious training, you will continue to carry on, it will surely help you to score more victories against your opponents in both local and international competitions so I hope you all will focus your attention on your training.”

Mr. Crayton called on Mr. G. Gbassay Golee’s leadership to be very proactive in bringing people back to the game and to continue doing things that will help to keep the game of table tennis alive.

It can be recalled that Mr. Crayton was one of the table tennis veterans that were certificated by Mr. Golee’s new administration for their numerous contributions to LNTTA and its athletes.