Liberia: Chris Weah Becomes Stages FC New President


Monrovia – Liberia football Association Second division club Stages FC has appointed Canada-based Liberian entrepreneur and former player, Chris Geeply Weah as president of the club.

Weah now replaced Eric Glassco who previously occupied the position as president but it is believed that Eric has been busy and has no time to function well as president of the club.

He will serve in the position as president for the next two years and based on his performance his time could be extended according to the board of Directors of Stages FC.

Prior to his new position Weah was appointed as vice president for Administration in March of 2021 and worked exceptionally well over the last two months according to the team CEO Emmet Glassco.

 Weah wrote on Facebook “Today I was appointed as President for Stages FC. I am grateful for the opportunity afforded me by the board of directors and especially Stages Glassco. I look forward to serving in this capacity and working for the club for the betterment of the club and by extension the improvement of Liberia Football”.

According to the young football administrator he agreed to serve in the position following a series of discussions between him and the club while in Canada and they felt his experience was needed to improve the team local and internationally.

Chris, who holds a degree in sports medicine said it was important to join the current breed of administrative leaders at the club headed by Emmet Glassco to bring new ideas that will maintain the club in the second division.

The passionate Football lovers disclosed that he got attracted to Stages FC because of his passion for talented players who are on the team and want  to see them have better opportunities to pursue their football dreams.

Speaking about his new appointment Weah said he is delighted to serve the club as president after two months as vice president.

“I am very impressed  to be  appointed  within  the shortest period  of serving as VPA. This shows  that  the club  appreciates my  effort  and expertise.

“I feel delighted to be president of this great Club.  I know I am replacing a great personality and to do so I will work to keep us in the league this season so that we will plan better for next season.”

“My experience as a player and Businessman is what I am bringing to the club, with the collective effort of everyone at Stages FC the technical staff, fans, Board Members and players we can keep the club up,” Mr. Weah told FrontPageAfrica.

Currently the Duport Road based club is struggling to escape relegation with four more games to the end of the league but Weah said he is optimistic that his boys will survive relegation.

“The team may be struggling now, but there are little things that you can address to make it a better team. I like the players, the team, administratively, they have been doing well; so, I have committed myself to that effort to help take the team forward from where they are,” he added.