Cece United Distribute Back To School Materials To Young Athletes


Monrovia – Cece United Football Academy (Cufa), a mini-grass root football program based in Sinkor kicked-off its “Back-to-School” Initiative, with the distribution of dozens of school materials to over 60 student trainees (targeted group) of the academy on September.

Each kid received a package containing 10 copy books, a pencil and pen.  This initiative aims to assist parents, especially those of underprivileged kids, in sending their members to school.

Most often in our society, parents of underprivileged and talented athletes struggled to feed and clothe their children, thus making school materials not a top priority, despite being fully aware of the importance of education.

Cufa says it is their desire to see these young athletes in school and it strongly believes that their little help will surely impact their lives, because when they go to school with the materials they need on the first day, they will be prepared to learn.

Though academic is not included in its curriculum, Cufa said going to school and good performance at school are top requirements for being part of the academy.

It said their trainees are always encouraged to take their education serious and thru the help of the parents, performance of these trainees at school are always monitored.

“The distribution went well and we were so excited seeing smiles on the faces of these kids and their parents, which signaled to us that our trainees will start the school year prepared to succeed and their parents will do everything in their power to keep them in school.

“This is a great project and I must commend all of our officials, especially our general overseer, Mr. Pawala Janyan and our benevolent friends for their willingness in sponsoring this effort.

“There are too many children in our community, who have never experienced this but we can only try to help for now. This is just the beginning; who knows?” said Coach Moses Konah, who is the technical manager of the academy.

The program, which included soccer matches for the kids, was graced by Information Minister Lenn Eugene Nagbe, who took the kick-off and Liberian hip-hop/hipco musician, Christopher Nyanga (aka) Christoph.

About Cufa

Cufa is a mini-grassroots football academy, which was established in August 2012 by some passionate Liberians. It is free to all kids and seeks to educate young and talented Liberians about the beautiful game of football.

Cufa help parents in bringing up their kids with good moral disciplines as well as making high emphasis on dedication to their academic studies, amongst others.

The programs target aged six to 15 years and currently consist of school-going kids in Sinkor and various communities around Monrovia.

This mini-grassroots program seeks to build the capacity of young and talented kids, who will contribute towards the manpower development, growth and the soccer game in our beloved country.

The key concept of this program is to develop players and make high emphasis on their academic studies.

Every year, these kids, being guided, undertake non-football related initiatives such as cleaning-up campaigns, spelling bee, debate, academic challenge, as a way of contributing to the society.

Since its establishment, Cufa is yet to benefit from any permanent external support as funds for logistics and other expenses are normally raised among its officials thru weekly due payments.

Presently, Cufa is in dying needs of financial, technical and logistical assistances as well as classroom and program materials.

Kids in Liberia often play soccer barefooted or in rubber shoes, kicking around plastic bottles or tin cans, just to play a ball.

To help eradicate this, a little bit can go a long way for these kids; every donation makes a big difference!

Visit our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/ceceunited.liberia, or www.ceceunited.info (under-maintenance), or call 0776692149/0886436463