European Scouts Thrilled by Liberian Talents


Monrovia – Following a four-day scouting tournament at the TUSA field and SKD practice pitch the four scouts from Europe have expressed interest in Liberian players’ talents.

The four European scouts arrived in Liberia on last week Friday evening to scout young Liberian players between the ages of 16-20 years for links to European clubs

Two scouts from Spain and one each from France and Denmark was in the country to see players showcase their talents from Saturday to Tuesday, May 21 to 24.

A total of 16 teams were showcased at the TUSA field in Gardnersville and SKD practice pitch.

The coming of the scouts was a collaboration between the Prince Walker Group of Companies and the Liberia Sports Promotion Agency header by intermediary Frank Daniels and Mr. Walker who returned from his base in Atlanta Georgia, playing a key role in the scouts coming to Liberia.

“I know Liberia has talents because it is George Weah’s country” Louis Federico Moudourou, Rainbow Sports. Former PSG player told reporters after his scouting mission.

“Liberia has too many talents, but I don’t know why scouts don’t come here. “I am also impressed with the infrastructure. “When I was here ten years ago working as coach of Monrovia FC, we used to play in the dirt, now there are good pitches”. Johan Sandahl, chief scout Velje BK Denmark and UEFA pro license coach added.

“It is the work of the coaches to work hard on developing the players. “They need to work on a fast pace game as European football is fast and aggressive,” Mikel Bangoa. Scout Deportivo Alaves, Spain

“We are so happy for the reception here in Liberia.” We like to thank CEO Prince Walker for his care and love shown towards us. “We are willing to work with Liberian players. “What they must bear in mind is that a player must be quick in thinking“ The game starts from the head and ends with the leg, they must be able to know who to pass the ball to before it even reaches them and must be able to react quickly when they lose the ball, but they are so talented”

Meanwhile, the CEO of Prince Walker Group of companies Prince Opuloku Walker has assured players that he will make sure that those who were scouted get the needed documents to achieve their dream.

CEO  Walker assured players that  Prince Walker Group of Companies will foot the ticket expenses of players spotted by the scouts in traveling to Europe or any part of the world.

“We will buy the tickets of players spotted during the trial when they are invited to any club in  Europe  or any part of the world”, Mr. Walker intoned.

He further noted that they have decided to give players the opportunity to showcase their talents as he and many other former players never had such an opportunity when they were playing.

Clubs like LEAD Monrovia Academy, Grassroots, T. Unicorn, Spartans, Philadelphia Lone Star, Future Star, FC Garou and BendinGC were showcased during the scouting mission.