Washington – Representatives in the diaspora for the All Liberian Party (ALP), Alternative National Congress (ANC), Liberty Party (LP) and Unity Party (UP) have affirmed a commitment to work together in support of the collaborative efforts being engaged by our respective parties.

In a statement signed by the four parties recently, representatives expressed the passion to unite for the good of Liberia. “Our beloved country has given us a platform to collectively evaluate the underlying causes of recurrent problems in Liberia, share policy ideas to improve living conditions, and dialogue about current events unfolding in our country,” the representatives noted.

The parties’ reps in the US say they have therefore committed themselves to support their respective collaborating parties in Liberia, in holding the Government of Liberia accountable; to demand that the Government exercises the power given by the people in ways and manners consistent with the constitution of Liberia—and in the best interest of our people. “This, in our view, is not a debatable position”.

Recognizing that Liberia is again at a critical juncture in its history, having to endure the impact of poor leadership, blatant disregard for the constitution, and rampant corruption, the parties’ representatives said, have led to a failing economy, persistent hunger and poverty, inadequate health and educational systems, as well as election mal-practice and violence.  “History informs us that silence in these times only perpetuates the theft of our resources and the denigration of our society.”

The parties’ reps said the recent by-elections in Montserrado County (Senatorial and District 15 elections) have given them more reasons to be concerned. “The people, in a peaceful manner, using their votes, resoundingly rejected the Government’s candidates—for the senatorial and representative races in the Government’s stronghold—Montserrado County, sending an unambiguous message that they have lost confidence in the Government.”

The parties added: “The peaceful exercise of their constitutional rights is a manifestation of their courage and determination. We thank our people for this demonstrated maturity. Unfortunately, we are now seeing the Government employing the usual tactics of failed regimes: voter intimidation, arbitrary arrest, tempering with the tallying of the votes—all in an attempt to change the results of the elections.”

The representatives of the four parties in the US is meanwhile calling on the President and Government of Liberia to take immediate and concrete steps to avoid all provocations and allow the will of the people to prevail, in the byelections. “Nothing less will be acceptable. Additionally, we call on the Government to, a) arrest the continual mismanagement and wasteful use of our resources on the excesses of elected and appointed leaders, b) establish a team of Liberian experts to develop immediate and long-term plans for prudent fiscal and monetary policies to curb inflation and the downward spiral of the economy, c) prioritize the creation of jobs for the youths and massive number of unemployed citizens, and, d) constitute a plan to invest in agriculture, for food security and foreign exchange earnings.”

The parties also called on the government to immediately engage competent Liberian environmental and waste management experts, to develop and implement a system to sustainably remove garbage from the streets, thereby averting a potential health crisis.

The representatives highlighted the neglect of the country’s  healthcare system which it says cannot withstand another public health crisis. “The burden of leading a nation such as ours is challenging, even for the best among us; however, that challenge can be overcome if leaders put the welfare of the citizens above the accumulation of unearned wealth; if time is spent listening to solutions instead of reminiscing about a once illustrious career; if resources are spent to fund schools and hospitals instead of on accolades and celebrations to appease one’s ego.”

The reps said the country can no longer tolerate the intransigence of leaders who deplete the nation’s resources on one hand and then blame others for the poor state of affairs in the country. “It can no longer be too early to criticize when leaders publicly display opulence and unearned wealth in the midst of extreme poverty, degradation, and misery.”

The representatives must swiftly speak against these mal-practices and hold our President and government accountable to the citizens and constitution of Liberia. “We want to assure all Liberians that we are prepared to work with this administration, to plot a path forward for the recovery of the economy. We have no doubt that the solutions to these very challenging and destructive conditions are within our grasp—only if the Government of Liberia is prepared to lead; to listen and learn from the ideas of those they have labeled “enemies of the state.”

The representatives say they believe Liberia benefits when the government and opposition work together for the common good. “Let us be reminded that Liberia has endured much more than the current state of affairs. And while we are a resilient people, we cannot continue this cycle of missed opportunities and expect to have a bright future. Our children are counting on us to do better; to leave for them a nation more prosperous than the one our parents left us. This is the charge that drives our collaboration and one that unites us as One Team. We remain hopeful that Liberia’s best is yet to come, but it will only be a reality under the right leadership. Our collaboration remains strong; we call on each well-meaning Liberian to raise his or her voice and join this movement for peace, stability, and economic recovery of our beautiful country.”