Liberia: Ruling Party Lawmaker Wants Half of Finance Ministry Employees Dismissed for ‘Refusal to Support Pro-Poor Agenda’


Monrovia – A staunch member of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), Representative Solomon George, is recommending to President George Weah to dismiss half of the employees of the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning. Rep. George wants them removed from their positions because “they are not supporting the government’s Pro-Poor agenda,” according to him.

In a radio interview Monday, August 5, Rep. George called on President Weah to “open his eyes and ears,” to listen to the cry of the ordinary CDC partisans. He also claimed that the current CDC-led government is made of many traitors.

“The President needs to have ears and eyes, at the Finance Ministry. He needs to dismiss half of the employees at that Ministry. I was in the Office of the Minister of Finance one day and he said, we need to do something about the folks in our offices.”

In further comments, Rep. George, who represents Montserrado County’s District #7 in the Legislature, blamed those he said were the main brains putting the government together after the 2017 Presidential and General Elections, for failing to appoint staunch CDC partisans to positions.  According to him, this led to the defeat of the ruling party in the just ended Montserrado County by-election.

“Those who started the building of this government, if you had appointed the 17 coordinators of Montserrrado County, it would have been better for us. Up to present my coordinator, who has a degree, has not been appointed.

“CDCians, on behalf of my district, I like to apologize to you. We wrong you, forgive us. The Congress wrongs you; the Coalition wrongs you. I am begging you to see reason to forgive us for hurting your feelings.”

The District #7 lawmaker also predicted that the Government of President George Weah may not get the second term, if they continue to proceed in this manner. “I say to the leadership that we have to be careful with the people if not I do not see us going the next six years; we must come back to the drawing board. I want the President himself to come out and apologize for the mistakes made so far.”

Since the election that saw Mr. Abraham Darius Dillon defeat CDC’s Paulita Wie massively in the Senatorial by-election in Montserrado County, there have been calls for the President to appoint people who are in the interests of the party. People believe to be die-hard partisans of the CDCians.

In 2018 Representative George frowned on the government for concealing information of the alleged missing L$16 Billion, which was first exposed by media investigations.

George described the situation as “financial insecurity” and warned the Liberian Government to address the situation quickly.

“Why this government didn’t inform the Liberian people that we are having security problem? Why should we wait for the press to come out with the story of missing money and we step on the press and misuse words on the press then we find out that what was being said is the truth,” said Montserrado County District #7 lawmaker.

“I am saying to us leading this country, we need to be sincere with the Liberian people. By now people should be behind bars. We are not talking about a wallet [being] stolen; we are talking about containers full of money and we joking here!”

The lawmaker made the comments last year when he appeared on a local radio talk show in Monrovia before the government later announced that it had requested the help of the United States Government to further the investigation. The Ministry of Justice also announced that it had asked the International Monetary Fund to assist it with the investigation.