Liberia: CPP Women Movement Celebrates International Women’s Day


Monrovia – Women from four of Liberia’s opposition political parties have commemorated the 2020 International Women’s Day with one voice to increase the number of women participating in the national decision-making process of their country.

Women from the Alternative National Congress, the Liberty Party, All Liberian Party and the former ruling Unity Party making the Collaboration of Political Parties (CPP) Women Movement gathered at the Bethel Cathedral of Hope on Thursday, March 5, 2020, under the theme “Equality for Women in Politics”.

It was a colorful event, as many prominent women in the Liberian society sent out solidarity speeches to awaken the consciousness of the Liberian society that is predominated by men.

Serving as one of the four panelists, Telia Urey explained her ordeal she encountered in last year’s Montserrado County District 15 by-election, especially during the period of the rerun election.

Urey stressed that threatening comments during election time create violence, something she said scare many women from enduring such endeavors.

According to her, despite the risky venture, the solidarity of women across the country has always kept her going through.

“When women get involved in politics, our country will take a different shape because we know our issue and will raise such issue on the floor with the men,” Urey said.

“We are CPP Women, and we got to be there for each other,” Urey said.

Also speaking, one of the panelists Daintowon Domah Pay-Bayee of the ANC stresses that there is a need for the UN’s treaty that gives rise to women in top decision-making is respected by every political party in the country.

“In terms of issues of violence against women, the women will address those issues because we know what it takes to be raped and to be a victim of domestic violence,” Pay-Bayee said.

She added: “Women in this room, you need to vote your friend woman because the only woman knows woman problems. Women will decide on your interest.”

Representing the Unity Party, Cornelia Kruah-Togbah said there is a need of more than 30 percent of women represented by every political party.

“We need to improve women’s participation so that we can exceed 30 percent. I think the 30 percent is still small,” Togbah said.

She also frowned on women who she said to stand in the way of not supporting their fellow women in the national decision-making of their country.

“The question women do not ask men are the questions they ask the fellow women during the time of the election,” Togbah asserted.

Representing the Liberty Party, former Montserrado County Represent Madam Kuku Dorbor called on the CPP to focus on the issue of capacity building for women. This, she says will increase women in top decision-making.

Also making remarks, Edith Gongloe-Weh said statistic shows women are more than 50 percent but lamented that women’s representation in the Legislature is very minimal.

“We are more than 50 percent according to statistics, but what is the reason women are not more in the House of Representatives. We need to do more to be represented at the top-level,” Madam Weh said.