Liberia: Alexander Cummings Takes Collaborating Political Parties to Maryland; Urges Electorates to Change Leadership


HARPER, Maryland County – Buoyed by the cheering crowd at the flag-off of the campaign of candidates of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) in South-East Liberia, Alexander Cummings on Tuesday predicted an overwhelming victory for CPP candidates in the December 8 Special Senatorial elections.

Surveying the mammoth crowd, Cummings, who is the leader of the CPP, said: “I am overwhelmed by the mammoth crowd and show of support for our candidates. I have no doubt that we will win all of the 15 counties in the country. I have no doubt that you will vote for CPP candidates.”

Cummings, who made his first stop in Grand Kru County to endorse the Senate bid of Madam Rosalind Segbe Tonne Sneh, candidate of CPP in the county, said he would use his visit in the South-East to formally present the CPP senatorial candidates to the people in Maryland County, River Gee, Sinoe, Grand Kru, Grand Gedeh and Rivercess counties.

Impressed by the turn out of the party faithful who waited patiently for hours in the sun for the commencement of Tuesday’s ceremony in Barclayville, Grand Kru County, Cummings declared that the CPP will win all the 15 counties.

Cummings said “I have no doubt that CPP candidates are good brand to market”. Cummings was confident about victory when he admonished supporters of CPP in the South-East not to be violent because. “We are here to win and not to fight. But we must ensure that every vote must count. With these remarks, let me use this opportunity to present to you our incoming senator of Sinoe County, Madam Rosalind Segbe Tonne Sneh,” he said.

‘Elect Different leaders’

Cummings used his visit to the South-East to urge residents to vote wisely on December 8 stating the moment is too important to sit out. “The choice that now confronts us is whether we want to continue with the suffering we are enduring as citizens or not.  Think carefully and choose wisely. This time, it is a choice about correcting the mistakes we made during the 2017 presidential elections or repeating those mistakes again.

Cummings also urged residents of the South-East to elect “different kinds of leaders’ for the development of Liberia.

“We got to change our country, it will not be easy but it will happen. And for that to happen, we got to elect different kinds of leaders. We cannot elect the same people over and over and we expect things to change, it will not change, if we elect different kinds of people things will change,” Cummings said while speaking in Maryland County.

Mr. Cummings says despite the political differences, Liberians need to come together and work for the development of their country.

“Today you are making history. Despite different political views, we are all Liberians and we got to work together for the benefit of all of us,” he said. Cummings said despite CPP being an opposition political movement, they are not “enemy of the state” as being perceived by President George Weah.  “Although we hold the CDC government accountable they are not our enemies, we just want them to do the right thing for Liberia,” Cummings said.

Cummings is expected to endorse Eric Giko, candidate of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), one of four political parties making up the CPP Friday in Maryland County. Giko, who contested as representative candidate in 2017 but lost to Speaker Bhofal Champers, believes Friday’s endorsement of his bid by Cummings would be a major boost to his Senate ambition owing to the CPP’s leader growing influence in the county.