Ja’neh’s Impeachment: Opposition Parties Frown on ‘Deliberate Attempt To Destroy Democracy’


Monrovia – Liberia’s top four opposition political parties say they “detest and frown” on the impeachment of Associate Justice Kabina Ja’neh, terming the process as “evil machination”.

Report By Alpha Daffae Senkpeni, [email protected]

In a statement released on Friday and signed by Unity Party, Liberty Party, Alternative National Congress, and All Liberia Party, the oppositions term the impeachment as a “deliberate attempt” by President George Weah to destroy the “foundation of democracy in Liberia”.

“These hearings will circumvent the judicial system and thereby undermine its independence,” the statement reads.

The top four oppositions allege that if the outcome of the proceeding is against Justice Ja’neh, the country’s judiciary will be “transformed into a rubber-stamp body”

“Consequently, it will operate according to the president’s dictates and wishes. This is a violation of the constitution of Liberia which guarantees its independence,” the statement adds, calling on senators of the four opposition political parties to “Vote against the desperate efforts to undermine all tenets of democracy.”

The statement further alleges that the impeachment will undermine the justice system and afford President Weah a “hegemonic political order”, thereby disrupting the separation of power as enshrined in the Constitution.

“This move is an affront to the sanctity of our institutions of governance, and sets the stage for rule by fist. All patriotic senators should help us to prevent the eminent restoration of one-man rule in Liberia,” the release added.

The top four opposition parties also cautioned senators to avert colluding with the CDC-led government in committing “another treasonable act”, and stressed that the impeachment proceeding is “a politically-motivated ploy” against Liberia’s democracy.

While also urging the Senators to vote against the impeachment, the opposition bloc said the lawmakers have a “fiduciary duty to halt this threat and thrash it once and for all” and work in the interest of the Republic instead of the Executive.

The statement also warned Senators preparing to recontest the impending senatorial election next year, cautioning that they would seek redress at a court that will be clouded with political interferences by the ruling party and the president.

Added the release: “A compromised judiciary will cast aspersions and doubts on future elections in Liberia and is therefore unacceptable. The Liberian Senate should not validate any action to destroy whatever is left of our weak judicial system. Instead of colluding to destroy it, you can strengthen it by respecting its independence as guaranteed under the Liberian constitution.

“Such vote will send a strong message to President Weah that he cannot continue to violate the Liberian constitution and laws with impunity. Any vote in favor of impeachment is a vote against Liberia,.”