Fresh Detail: Why Liberian Presidential Aspirant Dr. Daniel E. Cassell Was Arrested in the United States


Monrovia – When Dr. Daniel E. Cassell, the presidential aspirant that became so influential in Liberia through his philanthropic gestures around the country, left for the United States on March 16, he was quite aware that he was rather traveling from Liberia to the jailhouse. He knew it was the end of the road for his escape from justice. His wife and children would have borne the consequence had he not done so, FrontPageAfrica gathered.

He was handcuffed at the airport and escorted to the Clayton County Sheriff’s office in Jonesboro, Georgia. He would later be transferred to the county jail, FrontPageAfrica gathered.

He had traveled with his wife whose passport was also seized at the airport.

In Georgia, he was taken in as a fugitive from justice.

A fugitive from justice charge in the U.S. means that state in the U.S. (another jurisdiction), is requesting the arresting state to extradite the accused to it to face prosecution for certain charges in the demanding state.

Sources in the United States familiar with the development informed FrontPageAfrica that Dr. Cassell had been on the run for months and had no intention of returning to the United States – a decision which brought his wife under the pressure of the FBI. She was threatened to have been held as a conspirator to his crime.

Dr. Cassell is a Behavioral Specialist Consultant in the Philadelphia and Bucks County areas in the United State. He established the Kwenyan Professional Health Services, a mental health/behavioral and substance abuse agency. FrontPageAfrica gathered that his agency on many occasions billed insurance companies multiple times – even for services not performed.

His company, according to the source, allegedly created fake vouchers for clients to the insurance company multiple times in the tone of US$3.7 million. Most of the funds, according to investigators, were funneled through his Cassell Foundation – the foundation through which he carries out his philanthropic activities.

Upon discovery by the Federal Reserve System (Feds), the FBI began an investigation, thereby, investigating all of his employees – something that compromised their licenses and had to testify against him to redeem themselves.

With the aid of his employees who testified against him, FEDS pushed for his arrest.

Dr. Cassell previously worked as a Behavioral Specialist Consultant in the Philadelphia and Bucks County areas in the United States. In 2008, he became licensed as a professional counselor in Pennsylvania and became a licensed clinical drugs and alcohol counselor in New Jersey in 2009. This enabled him to begin his career in private practice. After a year in private practice, his agency was approved by the New Jersey Division of Child Behavioral Health as an intensive in-home and community provider.

His arrest sheet states that he is a fugitive from justice.

FrontPageAfrica gathered on Wednesday evening that his political party, PLP, is contemplating on suspension his membership.

Dr. Cassell has been an ardent critic of corruption in the George Weah-led government and often accused the regime of being insensitive to the plights of the Liberians.

In almost all of his political rallies, he promised to fight corruption and ensure that Liberians live the decent life they deserve when elected President in 2023.