Real Men Don’t Rape


Rape is One of the Most Calamitous act that can happen to a girl child. Many people try to deny the fact that they were raped or harassed by keeping it secret because they were threatened by the perpetrators but silence is a charge simply because it leaves the perpetrator to freedom to attack again and again.

Instead, victims should seek out legal and medical help, perpetrators should face legal justice for a crime against innocent women and girls in Liberia. If we are to fight sexual assault, rape, and violence against women and children we must start from our homes by reporting rape cases and stop compromising it in our society. 

If we the Liberian women cannot be safe in our country then we shouldn’t expect ourselves to feel safe anywhere. Don’t compromise rape, it’s one of the most terrible crimes on earth and it is happening every day in our country. The problem with the justice system and the security of our country is that they try to blame women when they are raped. Stop telling the victims how to defend their selves and start to educate men not to rape. Let Justice prevail, those creeps who are in the constant habit of raping our girls should face justice for touching us inappropriately. It’s time to fight this issue, we can’t live in a society that is unsafe for us. We are Liberia’s future leaders therefore we must be protected. This crap need to end, do not compromise rape, it’s a crime.

A girl pride isn’t for sale, it’s priceless.

A girl world is built by her view, not by the arrogance of a man’s fist.

Our future is an account, men make a deposit of security, protection, love, and hope don’t bankrupt our private parts.

#Stop_rape.  #Respect_women #We_demand_justice #Report_rape