One Year of Invasion. One Year of Resistance. We Stand United With Ukraine. 


Russian aggression in Ukraine is an attack on fundamental international principles of peace and security.

The Chiefs of Mission of France, Germany, Ireland, Sweden, the United Kingdom, the United States, and the European Union Delegation in Liberia

A year ago, an unprovoked Russian force attacked Ukraine, a sovereign and independent neighbor. Russia’s brutal assault on Ukraine and its population over the past 12 months is a blatant violation of international law,including the UN Charter, and an attack on the key principles guaranteeing sovereignty and territorial integrity for all states. These principles are the bedrock of international order on which our collective peace and security depend.

The world rejects Moscow’s war of choice

Ukraine has the right to robust self-defense of its people and territory, as reaffirmed under the UN Charter. Ukraine has shown that it can and will win. The global communityheard Ukraine’s call and by last October, 143 UN members, including Liberia, stood on the side of freedom, sovereignty, and territorial integrity. This wholesale rejection of Russia’s efforts to seize another sovereign UN member state sent an unmistakable signal to the Kremlin.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a threat to all countries. To accept this war of conquest is to consider that imperial power is legitimate anywhere in the rest of the world and that any border can be challenged by force. 

Russia’s barbaric attacks cause global suffering

Russia’s merciless attacks have deliberately targeted cities and civilians. Many have been killed, including children, in what amounts to war crimes, and the death toll continues to rise every day. In recent months, Russia has started to destroy systematically Ukrainian critical infrastructure such as energy facilities and networks, depriving civilians of heat and electricity during harsh winter months and inflicting more suffering on the Ukrainian people.

From food and fertilizer shortages to Russia’s escalatory language on the use of nuclear weapons, Vladimir Putin’s actions have had worldwide repercussions beyond Ukraine. 

In Africa, the combined effect of multiple crises such as climate change, the fall-out from the pandemic, and domestic conflicts have led to significant price increases and disruptions to the availability of food. These changes have been exacerbated by Russia’s war in Ukraine. 

Over 130 million people across Africa are in crisis levels of food insecurity. This figure is likely to be higher, considering gaps in the available data. Liberia is also not spared the consequences of Russia’s war of aggression.

We must stand for lasting peace

We must work together to secure a lasting peace which respects Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and defends the UN Charter. Liberia has proactively taken a leadership role for peace by co-sponsoring the recent resolutions in the United Nations General Assembly.

It is for Ukraine to determine its position in any negotiations, just as it is for Ukraine to determine its democratic future. As friends and international partners to Ukraine we will always work to protect and defend the country’s sovereignty.  

Ukraine and its partners seek a diplomatic solution to the war, an end to the destruction in Ukraine and to the bloodshed inflicted by Putin’s regime. The shortest route to end the war and the uncertainty and suffering it has caused is peace in accordance with the UN Charter, whichrespects Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and sees the complete withdrawal of Russian forces from Ukrainian land.

We are committed to continue to support Ukraine and,together with Liberia, to stand for peace, democracy, and respect of the UN Charter. We are partners for lasting peace.