Liberia: Let’s Embrace a New Chapter in 2022


As we close the chapter on 2021, it is my wish and aspirations that we embrace this New Chapter with enthusiasm.

Yes, for many, including me, 2021 was “The Battle of the Bulge,” either you fight to live or die fighting.

Like the great American Civil Right leader, Dr Martin Luther King Jr., “if a man have not found anything for which he ought to die for, he isn’t fit to live,” those of us who are still standing to cross over into 2022 “…found something for which” we “ought to die for,” and that thing is Liberia.

On behalf of my family, I bring you greetings in the name of the Almighty God who give me this opportunity by His grace which I don’t deserve to speak to you.

My fellow Liberians, friends, lovers and enemies of Liberia, our preserved culture and traditions, ladies and gentlemen.

As tomorrow is never promised to anyone, I admonish you therefore, to join rank with me and the many who have “found something for which” they “ought to die for” to bring prosperity to our “Glorious Land Of Liberty,” Liberia.

To be successful to see 2022 by the grace of God which no man deserves, let us not forget that we owe great responsibilities to our children. That their future depends on us. If they will hold us accountable or vindicate us, it depends on how we conduct ourselves now.

To hold us accountable will mean that we did not close the chapter on 2021. Rather, my fellow Liberians, I admonish you as your fellow citizen to join all peace loving people and the government to close the chapter on the past and open a new chapter.

This chapter must include loving each other as keepers of each other; living by the rule of law to make Liberia a better place to live; holding each other to high esteem; respecting each other especially, our women and children; above all, let us be patriotic to our country, Liberia for this is the only place we call home.

At this point, let me extend my profound gratitude to all of you who tirelessly contributed to making Liberia what it is. My gratitude to the government and all Liberian media of all types. For it is through you we are well informed of the day-to-day development which have given some of us the courage to stand up against the ills in society.

To the various advocacy groups, I say thanks for your position on the issues that matter especially, “Violence Against Women and Children Must Stop” and other human rights violations.

To our mothers, I also say you are not forgotten. Your sons and your daughters are fighting for you. I encourage you to keep “hope alive” and continue to pray for us, your children. The suffering is not easy on your especially but by God’s grace, your it is going to be over soon.

To those who resolve in disgracing our women and womanhood in our society, I say STOP and stop it now. We must indee be proud of our women and females in general. Today, we are who we are because of these women. When I see a woman, I see my two beautiful daughters, I see my wife and above all, my sweet mother, Mrs Korpoboi Bannie. So, I say how dare you disrespect women of Liberia.

Had it not been for life equilibrium, some of us would have had our mothers still living to always wish them “Happy Mother’s Day.” The woman who brought us into this world and prayed for us but still, let us be proud of our women. They give us comfort and hope that in them, we still have mothers. This is why we must always fight and respect them. Women of Liberia, on behalf of all men, I say we love you. Don’t be discouraged, you are in good hands.

Not to forget anyone, I also extend my gratitude to the various segments of the country for their contributions in keeping Liberia safe. As it is said, “it takes a village to raise a child,” let also say, I takes people to build a country. Only we, The People can build our country. Therefore, I invite and encourage you to join TPP, The People’s Party which is born to give you, the people a voice of your own.

In the past, we, The People had nothing to use for our voices to be heard. We were only valuable when they needed us. Our voices were taken for granted but now, we can say, we have a voice and “TPP is our voice.”

In closing, I pray God’s grace and blessings upon each and everyone of you as we enter and go through 2022. “Violence Against Women And Children Must Stop.”

Thank you and Happy New Year.

May God bless TPP and God bless Liberia.

Your Humble Son,

Joseph Kawalah Flomo Koiwu Bannie