Liberia: History Poses No Trouble Where There’s No Solution


The CPP is a quadripartite political collaboration and not merger and it comprises of the former Ruling Unity Party (UP) of an astute Statesman Amb Joseph Nyumah Boakai with strong hold in Lofa County, The Alternative National Congress (ANC) of Internationally acclaimed Business mogul with over 35 years global corporate experience and connections but without a commanding stronghold like in the case with Boakai, but yet he controls part of Maryland County. The two other parties within the CPP are: the Liberty Party formerly of one of Liberia’s respected constitutional lawyers (the late Cllr Brumskine) but being headed currently by a well respectable daughter (Senator Nyonbleh Karngar Lawrence) of Grand Bassa County who also has a stronghold of Grand Bassa County and the All Liberian Party (ALP) of an associate of indicted warlord (Charles Taylor) and a local business tycoon (Mr Benoni W Urey).

By Peal Nyenkan, [email protected],, Contributing Writer

Flipping the Pages of the Two Major Contenders within in the CPP (Chances and Challenges)

Mr. Alexander B Cummings, the ANC political leader is not a traditional Liberian politician but came under stern political spotlight in 2017 when he contested in the Representatives and Presidential elections as presidential candidate. Before joining Liberian politics he served as Vice-President of Finance for all of Pillsbury’s international businesses, Coca-Cola Deputy Region Manager, Nigeria based in Lagos, Nigeria and managing director/Region Manager, Nigeria in 1998. He became President of Coca-Cola’s Africa Group in 2001. He served as Chief Administrative Officer of the Coca-Cola Company from 1 July 2008 to 31 March 2016 and as its Executive Vice-President from July 2002 to 31 March 2016. As Chief Administrative Officer, he consolidated oversight of key global corporate functions including Legal, People, Strategic Planning, Information Technology, Strategic Security, Sustainability and Technical. Cummings led a period of strong growth in Coca-Cola’s Africa business, overseeing critical investments in marketing and infrastructure across 56 African countries and territories from 2001 to 2008. He currently serves on the boards of, C.A.R.E. and Clark Atlanta University etc. He previously served as a Board Member of the Africa-America Institute, Chevron, Africare, the Corporate Council on Africa, and the US-Egypt Business Council, on the Advisory Board at The African Presidential Archives & Research Center and on the Center for Global Development’s Commission on US Policy toward Low-Income Poorly Performing States (LIPPS), Sabathani Community Center in Minneapolis, MN, USA.

Cummings Political Values

Comparatively, within the CPP, Cumming is well connected globally and has financial resources to battle the current ruling party but he doesn’t have the numerical strength to defeat the CDC in the coming 2023 presidential race as head of the CPP. Although his resources making him to win unto his party some members of the intellectuals class, but some of them are move by money and other inducement and that cannot be used as indicator for winning elections because they can flip-flop. Cummings can knock on any door for help in the international community and aligning with him is a boost for anyone in terms of receiving global supports.

Boakai Political Values

Joseph Nyumah Boakai understands the practical political terrains of Liberia because he has been around for so long and he has had an alignment with the Progressive Class of Liberia; in regards to public service he has an impeccable and clean unblemished record for his over 40 years’ experience in the public sector; which include LPMC Managing Director, Agriculture Minister, LPRC Managing Director, Board member, LOIC, and Star Radio, Board member, YMCA, Vice President of the Republic of Liberia for 12 years and Came 2nd place in the 2017 election with 457,579 votes as a single political party (UP), now what about four parties if he’s given the chance to lead. Boakai is now considered as the elder of the land with many in and out of Liberia looking up to him for advice, direction and leadership; Boakai was defeated by guilt of association as well as his unbending and unwavering approach not to compromised integrity on the basis of winning election by any means necessary.

Boakai Pitfall Which is undermining his Political Path

What political pundits have seen as political lackadaisicality is Boakai thinks that to head the CPP ticket is his entitlement or he sees the process like someone having a tribal deed to a land—meaning if others in the CPP likes or not he will head the ticket. What needs to be noted is the 457, 579 votes he received 2017 is not locked out in a container waiting for addition, while it is truth that because of the misgoverning of footballing president Weah, the masses have seen the contrary of their decision to have voted the way they voted. Boakai is an economic amputee and to defeat a sitting government like the CDC whose doesn’t give credence to rule of law and swimming in the pool of corruption requires resources, strategic etc.

Where does Boakai and Cummings Standing regarding the 3 stages of selecting the head of the CPP?

The framework of the Collaborating Political Parties calls for three stages (Voters Perception Survey, Consensus and Delegates’ Primary) in the selection/election of the Standard bearer of the CPP.

Consensus Building & VPS

In this process, between Cummings and Boakai, the outcome with this stage will favor former Vice president Boakai over Cummings, and for the VPS again, Boakai will emerged victorious. Why? Because Boakai has the public endorsement

Delegates Primary

The Internationally acclaimed corporate—politician Alexander B Cummings will defeat Ambassador Joseph Nyumah Boakai because the process will be a secret voting and Cummings will financially influence the process. Another challenge for Boakai is he doesn’t have complete control over his own party (UP) as Madam Sirleaf continues to have at least 40% of the executives and Boakai has not agree with some of Ellen’s demand, like in the case with 2017. Now, Boakai is confidence with ALP 99% as compare to his party UP. Liberty Party now has split with Musa Bility building his block while Nyonbleh and others on their lane. Bility is a business man and he goes for anything that he will gain profit of and not necessarily following party doctrine or mandate.


The Bleeding Pen concludes on a fair note that with the combination of Joseph Nyumah Boakai as Standard Bearer of CPP and Alexander B Cummings as Vice Standard Bearer (CPP) is a formidable and a relieving force for the struggling people of Liberia.