Dangling in Falsehoods and Deceptions: A Response to President Weah!


Men make their own history, but they do not make it just as they please; they do not make it under circumstances chosen by themselves, but under circumstances directly encountered from the past. The tradition of all the dead generations weighs like a nightmare on the brain of the living” (Max, 1852/1970:15). 

If we must understand the possible future direction of the society and make it under circumstances directly encountered from the past as said by Marx, we must therefore attune to dig deeper into the current trends of nature. With this, and digging deeper into the past and microscoping the current trend of Liberia, once can safely conclude that George Weah and his cabal of state looters are product of historical accident. 

Noting to argue. The ascendancy of the current regime is an historical accidental packaged and imposed on the people by their class oppressors. Of course, that element is Madam Ellen Johnson Sireleaf. The Sirleafs then used the anger of the people and bought their ignorance of governance to further protect she and her cryonics. It then became a necessity to the people to throw Liberia to the dogs. As it stands, we can’t locate the flash neither the bones of the States. 

It is now palpable that the current intense human suffering and the crumbled economic structures coupled with an unworkable policy of the Weah’s government is nothing for him to worry on. He sees them as irrelevant and trivial to issues – for us it is not a surprise; we saw him long ago as a carpenter captaining a cargo ship over a deep sea. In the midst harden poverty, this President took the airwave only to tell the people how he and some politicians eat at one another house – a total display of immense leadership tragedy.    

Nearly two years as President of the State, he further exposed his least understanding of complicated governance issues especially in a troubling economic and political time like ours. This President, who has only spoken to the People through a prerecorded and edited audio since his ascendency to the highest seat of the motherland, took the airwave on Friday, December 20, 2019 and spewed out compiled gibberish to an unimaginable zenith. The interview was nothing but a serious national embarrassment with an irreplaceable damage to the image of State. It further validates our consistent argument that President Weah swims in idea and leadership insolvency – We still doubt that this bankruptcy is even repairable. 

With this, go with us as we dig into Mr. Weah’s interview.  Comrades, people are laid off, wages has being unreasonably reduced and persistently delayed , inflation is an all-time high of 31.30 percent as of August 2019, and the citizens are struggling to cope with prices of commodities as they keep sky-rocketing –  with all of these, the President seems not be in control.  To him the economy pitfall is a nature force; the crises are therefore normal as stated by him during his interview. 

Such statement that the current crisis of the state is normal sounds hysterical and irreverent to mass of the struggling people who has been relegated further to the dungeon of unrecoverable poverty by Mr. George Weah and his gang of incompetent bigots. Mr. Weah need to know that no crises in human history are normal. All crises are initiated by enforcing contradictions and other imposing conditions that act on the existing condition.  Therefore, the prevailing economic condition of the state is not normal. It is a condition melted on our people by you and your predecessor. It has become complicated due to the inability of your Administration to find a genuine solution – we therefore reject your claim that the current situation of the State is normal. 

In a country where the leaders lives with deceptions, it signifies dancing on a rope over a deadly valley. President Weah is that character; He is dangling in blatant falsehood and diabolical deceptions. He has chosen to run the nation as gangster paradise. He befriends corruption with smile and openly frowns on transparency. He parades with lies and Pompousness while milking the sucking the resources of the State – an outcome of chosen an inexperienced carpenter to captain a cargo ship over a deep sea.  Indeed, the result will be nothing but a disaster. 

Mr. President, you are noted for poor proper recollection of the past. We can therefore not get tire reminding you.  On January 22, 2018 delivering your first Legislature agenda to the 54th Legislature in the Joint Chambers of the Capitol, you asserted that the country’s economy is broken and by extension the government. On the contrary, your predecessor Madam Sirleaf debunked you on February 13, 2018 that the National Coffers are not empty. With this response, your government is yet to respond to Madam Sirleaf neither have you commissioned a comprehensive audit of her regime. 

Another lie pulled out shamelessly by the president is the circumstances surrounding the missing sixteen billion Liberia Dollars and the twenty-five millions United States Dollars misapplied by him and Samuel Tweh.  He stated in his interview that the L$16billion came in the country but not under his administration. Here again, we see the President as messenger of lies abusing the patience of the People. How can President Weah tell the public that his administration never received 16 billion when said funds was taken from the Freeport of Monrovia on March 2, 2018? Is this not him who was inaugurated on January 22, 2018 as the President of Liberia? Of course, it is Mr. Weah. Again, we hold Weah and his gang of looters solely responsible for our missing billions. He is the chief culprit, noting can’t convince us  that President Weaah  and the CDC are innocent of our missing billion – not even an adapted report  that was intended to seizure him from public persecution. 

The President’s interview was just outrageous as the existing contradictions under his Administration.  The President sat on the radio and rang praises on a Samuel Tweh, the man who looted US$ 25 million. And this President wants us to believe that the current economic crisis is normal. No, it is not. How can you choose to protect a certified thief who manages the fiscal affairs of the State and wants the citizens to believe that the current economic crisis is normal – this is a total mockery!  

The President claims that people don’t have confidence in the banks. You want the people to trust a system that does not meet up with their demand. In the midst of an unbearable hardship, you create an artificial shortage of money to make the citizens feel that there is true shortage of Liberian dollars. The Banks are holding on to the people money – they are losing their friends and relative to death, starvation is eating up people, their kids are thrown out of school,  they can’t respond to their daily economic demand and you want them to trust this system that does not work for the poor. Mr. President, it is now time that you transition from comicality to puffer a matured statesmanship.  Governing a State like Liberia is not the same as pushing a round object for ninety minutes. 

When the country has an excessively corrupt and dysfunctional system, the president becomes the chief priest of lies and messenger of hate – President Weah is indeed a chief priest of falsehood, his tongue dances better than his legs. On his recent interview, he said his government does not support war and economy crime court. On the contrary, this same president wrote the National Legislature on September 12, 2019 asking them to provide guidance on all Legislative and other necessary measures towards the implementation of the Truth & Reconciliation (TRC) report, including the establishment of the War and Economic Crimes Court.  This same president repeated his call for war and economic crimes courts when he addressed world leaders at the UN General Assembly in September of this year. Again, we can say his recent rejection to bring the perpetrators of crime against humanity to justice by establishing the War and Economic Crime Courts proves that Mr. Weah does act on facts but instant and emotion that dictate to his current position –  thee impact of his decision is never a concern to him. 

Comrades, Mr. Weah and the CDC have plundered the state into mess. He can’t escape his indictment in the court of public persecution. He must account; the time is not what matters. The present condition will inform the next move of the people. It is a fact, Mr. Weah is a very simple footballing president; he does not understand the nuances of complicated governance issue. His responses to critical questions as seen in his last interview is a total shame. The government is a mixture of incompetent and loosed talking bureaucrats. The appointed officials of the government are impressionists who serve not to improve the material condition of the people but to facilitate mass looting of state resources.  Indeed, Liberia has fallen – The Economy is crumbling, the health system is in ruins, the working class labor daily but can’t get their poverty wages – sadly, we have a president that is yet to wake up from his slumber.     

During his interview, Mr. Weah elected to praise his predecessor, Madam Sirleaf. The Political thief who robbed the Liberian people of their votes to give him power. A Sirleaf who along with her clique of thieves looted and bankrupted the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL) and other state’s resources. A Sirleaf that embraced nepotism and cronyism with no regard to the rule of law; A Sirleaf that embraced corruption as her working tool – you praise this Sirleaf but criticize her Party. It baffles us to query the difference between Madam Sirleaf and the Unity Party!  

The belief that Weah and his gang of thieves will deliver Liberians from gloomy poverty to prosperity is an illusion that only makes sense to his zealots who have dug themselves in the mud blind sycophancy. Mr. Weah is a fair product of fraud and political conspiracy. He lacks what it takes to understand the nuances of a complicated governance issue especially in a troubling time like this. By all means, what Mr. Weah spewed out on December 20, 2019 during his purported live radio interview did not in any way surprise us. We long predicted Mr. Weah. Our call to the masses is to remain resilient and battle the excess mess created by Madam Sirleaf and complicated by his imposed. The masses are the makers of history. At the point of objective condition, they will liberate themselves through the guidance of conscious patriots.