U.S.-Based Liberian’s Book Clinches #1 Spot on Amazon


MONROVIA – The new book of award-winning U.S.A.-based Liberian educator and entrepreneur, Henry Keculah Jr., currently sits at #1 position on global book-promotion portal Amazon.

What is College? is also currently the number one seller under African & Middle Eastern Literature and is ranked in the top 50 for educational books in the world on Amazon.

The Book was published in this year, 2020, by a publishing company named 4.0 GPA LLC, based in the United States.

Part of What is College? could be described as a ‘autobiographical Literature’: Profiling of the Author’s pondering about majority of people’s hyperbolic image of College Education.

Henry Keculah Jr. had found preparing for college challenging. After struggling in high school and sometimes being labeled as the dull one, Henry’s trajectory changed.

Henry was admitted into the number one public University in the state of Texas, and the rest was history. He went on to start an award-winning education company called 4.0 GPA LLC, which provides support for students, school districts, and non-profit organization.

Now, in his kid’s book, Henry Keculah, Jr. exposes students to college and different career opportunities as early as elementary. The book teaches students the importance of working harder and having a good GPA

This book helps students prepare for their future.

Henry highlights his Liberian heritage and pays homage to his close friend, Uche.

The Author’s Ancestral Home—Liberia—and the rest of the World look up to the Author of What is College?  for more academic/intellectual ‘vehicles’ (of knowledge impartation) in the world of book-writing.

The Author is the President of the Liberian of Greater Houston (LAGH), a U.S.-Based non-profit Liberian humanitarian and advocacy group. LAGH has been in existence since the mid-80’S, and with Registration Number “501 (c)(3)”, and has an online link www.laghou.org. The group’s e-mail address is [email protected]