Rubber Processing Machine Minces Employee at Liberia Agriculture Company in Bassa


Grand Bassa – An employee of the Liberia Agriculture Company (LAC) in Grand Bassa County, Emmanuel Joe, has been minced by the rubber processing machine when it was reportedly turned while he was cleaning it.

By Elton W. Tiah, Contributor

The incident occurred on Saturday, August 21, at the rubber processing factory of the Company in Wee Statutory District, Grand Bassa County.

The company is situated several miles away from Buchanan, the county’s Capital.

Eyewitnesses told FrontPageAfrica that the late Emmanuel Joe was instructed to clean on the rubber processing machine at which time the electrical breaker sending current to the machine was off.

He was minced by the machine after another employee of the company reportedly switched on the breaker. He was recognized by a piece of his hand that was recovered from the floor. That was reportedly the only part of his body that remained.

The 44-year-old and a father of five, had worked for LAC for 10 years, FrontPageAfrica gathered.

LAC Management is tight-lipped on the incident and attempted denying journalists entry into its premises for observation and interviews.

Naomi Joe-Mitchell, sister to the deceased, alleged that the company is responsible for the gruesome death of her brother. She believes it was orchestrated.

According to her, LAC has a CCTV that works throughout the day and at every part of its premises.  She alleged that since the “mysterious death” of her brother, the company has said that the CCTV cameras were off at the time of the incident.

“How will LAC tell us that their cameras were off and don’t know who switched on the machine? They killed my brother but we won’t leave it like that,” she told FrontPageAfrica with tears rolling down her cheeks.

Karter Joe, head of the bereaved family said, since the incident the rubber company has shown the family no sympathy and it took the intervention of Representative Vincent Willie who provided food for family members and sympathizers who had gathered to mourn.

He said, “As soon as the company noticed that the lawmaker was about to send food to maintain the family, they hurriedly sent US$300.00 with five bags of 25kg rice.”

He called on the government for a speedy investigation into the matter so that justice can prevail.

Meanwhile, Representatives Clarence Massaquoi, Chairman on Concessions at the House of Representatives and Vincent Willie who is the direct leader for the district visited the family to express their condolences.

According to them, they will work as team to ensure that justice prevails for the late Emmanuel Joe.

“Today, we have come to sympathize with the family with the little we have now as we go about with the investigation into the matter,” Rep. Massaquoi said.

He further stated, “I want us to always have good communication because with a better communication we all can find the best ways forward.”

Rep. Willie told reporters that he’s not going to rest in ensuring that justice is served to all of those that evil has happened to in the District.