ULIBAAA Honors Former FIU Boss Alexander Cuffy


Minnesota, USA – The adage, which says give a man his flowers while he’s alive came to fruition when the University of Liberia Alumni Association in the Americas (ULIBAAA) honored the former head of Liberia’s Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) Alexander Cuffy.

Cuffy received the Medal of Honor for his “invaluable services, dedication and contributions to the UL” at ULIBAAA’s fourth annual convention in Minnesota, United States of America.

ULIBAAA President Melvin Dartu Howard described Cuffy as a humanitarian, mentor, teacher and public servant, who derives satisfaction from providing good services to humankind.

Howard recalled how Cuffy has been an accounting instructor at the university for 12 years.

He said Cuffy does not only teach but provides mentorship for his students because his teaching methodology focuses on providing practical hands-on learning for success in the workplace.

“Cuffy served as one of three joint chairmen of the accounting department for two years and also team leader for a World Bank funded ‘strengthening accountancy project’.

“In partnership with the University of Michigan (UOM) at Ann Arbor, Cuffy provided revised accounting curriculum, supply of modern accounting textbooks, exchange visits to the UOM for 10 accounting instructors and a computer laboratory for the accounting department at UL,” Howard recalled on 19 October. 

He said Cuffy has authored several articles and materials used in the teaching of auditing and accounting information system.

Cuffy’s latest article: “Factoring Elements Undermining Liberia’s Economic Growth and Performance” (July 13, 2018), delved into major criminal elements that continue to undermine the economic growth and performance, and proffered recommendations on how the government can deal with the menace.

In addition to his service to UL, Cuffy has been involved with development initiatives in impoverish communities, providing funding and mentoring young people in discovering their potentials for academic and professional success, and discovering the leader in them; as well as, leading better living conditions.

Cuffy has provided scholarships for several students at the UL; assisted several students attain admission into Liberian universities and abroad; assisted several young job seekers attain employment through working with them to improve their resume writing, interview and networking skills; as well as, directly hiring some of them. 

Cuffy has also served in key position on several economic and fiscal development programs and projects in the public service.

In the private sector, Cuffy provides consultancies that assist the development and growth of institutions.

Responding to the honor, Cuffy said he’s grateful for this honor and is inspired to do more, thanking God and everyone that made the recognition possible.