Former Sweeper at Monrovia Civil Court Earns Degree From UL Law School


Monrovia – Fofie Kamara, a sheriff of the Civil Law Court, beams with smiles on Monday, December 19 as the Court honored him for earning a degree in law from the Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law at the University of Liberia.

“The journey was rocky. I felt like I could not make it. Thanks to all who contributed to my success,which I highly appreciate,” said Kamara

He disclosed that he went through the law school without any scholarship from the Judiciary though he made some requests, which didn’t materiale.

“We want to announce the graduation from the law school, one of our staff, Fofie Kamara, who is currently serving as a Sherriff of this court [for] which we are very proud to announce,” said Resident Judge of the Civil Law Court, Yussif Kaba.

Judge Kaba then appealed to the authority of the Judiciary to recognize the achievement of Kamara and other university graduates working with the Judiciary.

Montserrado County Attorney, Cllr. Daku Mulbah who was also present when the court Sherrif was honored, thanked Kamara for the study and indicated that he’s looking forward to seeing the law school graduate work with the Ministry of Justice’s prosecution team.

“Let me tell you that now that you have earned a degree in law, you are no longer going to be sitting in the court room, but to see you join the prosecution team,” said Cllr. Daku Mulbah.

In a FrontPageAfrica interview shortly after the honoring ceremony, Kamara noted that the endeavor to earn a law degree was a “hard fight” for him which he had to undergo before becoming successful.

The Civil Law Court Sherriff narrated that he started working with the Judiciary as a volunteer sweeper immediately after the country’s long years of civil war.

“At the time when salary for workers were low and there were a few employees who wanted to work for low salaries”.

He also stated that after years of service as a sweeper in the Office of the City Solicitor at the Monrovia City Court, authority of the Judiciary decided to promote him to the post of messenger and later Deputy Sherriff.

Kamara said he was then assigned to the West Point Magisterial Court to train newly recruited court officers but he too did not know much about court matters.

Following years of service at the West Point Court, the Judiciary decided to promote and reassigned him as Sherriff of the Monrovia City Court located at the Temple of Justice.

He said his promotion as Sheriff at the Civil Law Court was due to his hard work.

“My promotion to various positions at the Judiciary is due to my passion for the job,” he said.

“I want to admonish my friends to have passion for the job whether there is money or not.”

During the interview, Kamara praised and thanked all of those who stood by him during his academic sojourn at the Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law at the University of Liberia.