Liberia’s Ambassador At-Large to Italy Declares Interest in Strengthening Research and Health Education in Liberia


Monrovia – The Liberia Ambassador at-large to Italy, Amb. Riccardo Milici has expressed interest in working with the United Methodist University (UMU) to promote human resource capacity building through health and research education.

 Addressing a news conference on Thursday at his Congo town office, Amb. Milici said his office has secured a partnership agreement through a Memorandum of Understanding with the United Methodist University gear towards improving the health sector of Liberia.

The MOU between Amb. Milici and the president of the United Methodist University, Dr. Yar Gonway-Gono, was signed on Tuesday in Monrovia, and is expected to send 20 student-nurses from UMU to Italy for two-years.

 “The deal with UMU will provide a sustainable student and faculty exchange programs for cultural and professional exchanges and as well send twenty student nurses from UMU to travel to Italy for two-years,” he said.

“We will also provide equipment and protocols for the new UMU College of Health Sciences center and make funding available for the establishment of the college of health sciences in seventy second community,” he added.

Ambassador Milici said both UMU and the Liberia Ambassador At-large to Italy office shared mutual friendship, collaboration and assistance in pursuit of the goal of advancing, strengthening and improving the research and health education programs at the United Methodist University.

According to him, his office remain committed to share knowledge, funds, technologies, faculty exchange program and to collaborate in developing and establishing relevant and appropriate curriculum for research education in Liberia.

“We will provide modern technologies and develop student and faculty exchange, professional development programs including seminars and workshop for students and staff,” he said.