Liberians in Georgia, USA Identify With JFK, Star Base Covid-19 Treatment Center


MONROVIA – A group of Liberians under the banner, Liberian Association of Georgia (LAMA) in the United States, has identified with the John F. Kennedy Medical Center and the Coronavirus Treatment Unit at the famous Star Base on the Bushrod Island, outside Monrovia with a call on Liberians to put aside their differences and collectively hold together to combat against the pandemic.

The items donated include: 21 tank-full of oxygen and approximately 1000 nose masks.

The donation was made at the premises of the two centers in Sinkor and the Borough of New Kru Town respectively.

Making the presentation, the group’s Vice President Robert Glede Garguah disclosed that the gesture was made possible by Liberians residing in Georgia, USA, who deemed it necessary to remember their compatriots in the wake of a major health pandemic.

He put the cost of the items donated at about US$1000.

He noted that Coronavirus continues to rage hell in Liberia and other developing countries and as such, the move made by the association is intended to help save lives.

Mr. Garguah maintained that the gesture was also intended to buttress government and others’ efforts towards the fight against the pandemic.

He used the occasion to call on Liberians to continue to think about their countrymen back home during good or bad times.

He pointed out that LAMA was primarily established to ensure that Liberians in the Americas come together and help cater to the needs of their compatriots both home and abroad.

“On behalf of our organization’s leadership, the Chairman and members of the Board and our committee we have come to be a part of the fight against Covid-19 in Liberia because Covid-19 is real. This donation is a little and little is much when God is in it. If this can save one life, that means we have done something. Even though it’s not much but we want you to accept it in good fate”.

He observed that despite the resilience of other health systems across the world, Coronavirus continues to take away the lives of many citizens, and as such, LAMA cannot sit supinely and watch the virus to claim more lives in the post-conflict nation without making any intervention.

He described the gesture as a “small contribution” that will complement the efforts of health workers.

Mr. Garguah expressed the hope that the masks donated will help protect nurses and other medical practitioners who continue to place their lives on the line to provide adequate medical healthcare to patients suffering from COVID-19 and other illnesses.

He further stressed that no one can make Liberia a better nation, unless its citizens.

He added that as Liberians in the diaspora, they will continue to play a significant role to help improve the country’s economy through remittances sent to family members, friends, loved ones and other means.

Mr. Garguah noted that other Liberian associations in the diaspora should continue to be less political and more transformative in a bid to ensure that their country be on par with other countries across the globe in terms of infrastructural and economic growth and development.

He added that Liberians that are part of different groups or associations abroad should continue to place keen focus on the wellbeing of their kinsmen and the country in general, instead of engaging into vices which intend to divide them and their country.

He said Liberians residing abroad should place more emphasis on creating job opportunities, educating and empowering their countrymen, instead of engaging or promoting vices which have the proclivity to tear their own country apart.

Receiving the donation, the Director of Nursing at the JFK, Madam Roseline Ballah commended members of the association for thinking about their countrymen back home in the midst of a pandemic.

She indicated that the move made by Liberians from faraway in the wake of the pandemic is “highly appreciated”.

“On behalf of our CEO and administration, I want to say thanks. We are so gratified that you have come from way Atlanta to identify with us. We want to say that the widow’s mat counts; this is highly appreciated that you have come to identify with this institution. It could have been any other institution around here. So, we don’t take this for granted. Go back and tell your people that we love and appreciate them and so, please come back to do more than what you have done”.

She maintained that despite the numerous challenges, health workers in Liberia continue to carry on their assigned task and responsibilities in an effective and efficient manner in a bid to curtail the spread of the pandemic.