Liberian Women Based in Minnesota Put Smiles on the Faces of New Matadi Estate Swamp Dwellers

Residents of the New Matadi Estate Swamp Community gathered to receive their rice donated by the Organization of Liberian Women in Minnesota

Monrovia – About 339 households in the New Matadi Estate Swamp Community have received a 25kg bag of rice each from a group of women calling themselves the Organization of Liberian Women in Minnesota (OLWMN).

OLWMN is a group of professional Liberian Women based in Minnesota, the United States of America. The organization was established exclusively as a charitable entity to help the less fortunate people back home (Liberia).

The New Matadi Swamp Community like many disadvantaged communities faces serious economic difficulties especially during this time of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Sarah Wesseh, 37, mother of 3, says the gesture from the Women in Minnesota came at a time where her family has run out of some basic necessity- such rice.

My husband is not well and I am the only person who is taking care of the family. It’s not easy for a woman only to support a family of three children. This gift from our sisters and mother in Minnesota has put smiles on not only my face but my entire family. We are grateful and we pray that God’s blessing with them in the US,” Madam Wesseh said joyfully.

Cyrus Gibson is a teacher and resident of the New Matadi Swamp Community. Gibson said he has been out of a job since the outbreak of the Coronavirus that caused schools in the country to close.

He added: “I do not know what to say but this gift from the Organization of Liberian Women in Minnesota came at the right time. COVID-19 is leaving our country but hardship is gradually creeping in. For me, I am not working right now. So, this bag of rice will help me and my family. Thanks to our women in Minnesota for putting food on our tables.”      

Also, OLWMN’s Liberia Branch Chairlady Evon George says the donation from the women in Minnesota does not have any political motive behind it, something she is strictly on a charity basis.

“Besides the donation here today, we have a back to school packages that are coming anytime soon in the country and it will be distributed to serious schools around the country,” Madam George said.

Adding up, the Co-Chairlady of OLWMN Branch in Liberia Norwu Kolu Harris praised the women in the US for their gifts to the less fortunate people, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“To our women in Minnesota, we want to say thank you so much. Your money did not go in vain. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you were able to provide rice for our less fortunate people. Even though the distribution did not start on time because of so many reasons but we want to say it better late than never,” Harris said.