Liberia: UP-USA/Canada Chaplain General Calls for unity among partisans


MONROVIA – Rev. Theo Ephraim Bracewell has urged partisans of the USA/Canada chapter to put its house in order ahead of a retreat in Philadelphia next month October 27-29.

According to the chapter’s Chaplain General, he stressed the need to cure the malignant virus of division and disharmony bedeviling the chapter ahead of the retreat this month. 

Rev. Bracewell advised that it was now time for partisans of the USA/Canada chapter of the party to reconcile their differences for the collective good of the chapter and the party in general.

He said, “I’m of the opinion that our great party cannot afford to be in the opposition for another six years because of what is happening to the teeming populace of Liberia.

“Liberians  are suffering, crying and wailing that they need another party, an alternative to what they are experiencing today.

“We need someone that will bring succour and joy to every home like we used to have during the Unity Party regime. For this to happen the USA/Canada chapter has to put its house in order to join ranks with the party in Liberia to ensure we make George Weah a one-term president.

“If we don’t get it right internally as a chapter in the diaspora, resolving all crisis ailing us from within it may spell doom for our party,” Rev. Bracewell said.

“If we get it right internally, we will get it right in 2023 as a party. I want us to do something that will make our chapter to be reinvigorated with 13 months to the presidential elections.”

Rev. Bracewell described the placement of three top officials of President Weah’s government on sanctions for reportedly being involved in corruption as a shame, adding it paints a negative image about the country.

On his support for Unity Party’s standard bearer, Rev. Bracewell said: “He is the right man for the presidency because he has been trusted to be a humble and integrity-driven character who would “regain Liberia’s image to the International community.”