Liberia: Three Arrested In Maryland In Connection to Murder of Motorcyclist while Seven Runaway Inmates Recaptured


Monrovia – Twelve days after the body of a youth was found, police on Tuesday arrested three persons, including his friend, for his murder.

The accused were identified as Daniel Wesseh, who was arrested in Rivergee County, Francis Clarke, arrested in Maryland County and a man only known as “Open Zipper”, was arrested in Sinoe County on the morning of April 6.

On March 25, the body of 22-year-old Mordecial Nyemah was found in a rubber bush in Plebo Sodoken District with body parts extracted.

Residents of Plebo Sodoken District arrested Clarke on March 25 in a town called Gbolobo Bessiken after they noticed blood on his clothes. They later turned him over to the police for investigation, where he confessed to the murdering of his friend.

Nyemah told police that he had hired Nyemah, a commercial motorcyclist, to transport him to the local market before luring him in the rubber bush, where he and accomplices committed the act.

Nyemah’s death sparked protests in Plebo Sodoken District and Harper. The protesters stormed the prison facility and broke through, leading to the escape of several 91 Inmates, and also vandalized the police deport in Plebo Sodoken District, destroying essential documents.

The motorcyclist’s death was the most recent in what is believed to be years-long string of ritualistic killings in the county that have been blamed by local residents on politicians and businessmen seeking political power.

Residents said the violence erupted after one person who was arrested for the student’s murder said a local business man hired them to performed the act.

The police also announced Tuesday that they have rearrested seven inmates of the 91 inmates who absconded from the Harper Central Prison on March 31.

 “Seven of those who escaped the Harper prison have been rearrested and we are still in search of the rest of the escapees,” police said.

Police also announced the arrest of 25 persons who were involved in the riot that led to the destruction of government and private properties in Plebo Sodoken District and Harper.