Liberia: “Think of Teachers as Midwives”- LICOSESS President Benjamin Wehye Urges Graduating Class


MONROVIA – The president of the LICOSESS College of Education, Dr. Benjamin Wehye, has urged teachers to use their profession as a service to nation-building, instead of profiteering.

By Francis G. Boayue

Dr. Wehye, speaking over the weekend at the program marking the 17th Associate of Arts Degree and 23rd ‘C’ Certificate of LICOSESS Teachers College in Johnsonville, called on the teachers to keep doing their jobs with commitment because the life of a child depends on it for the growth and development of Liberia.

He said teachers are being some of the most underpaid people in Liberia, yet still sacrifice their time and service with humanity and dedication and never think about how ungrateful the parents and government treat teachers in Liberia.

“The older I get in this profession, the happier I become because I discovered some years ago that I am a chalk-holding midwife. We as teachers must take most part of the blame when we see the growing number of zogos and At-risk youths in Liberia because somehow, we did not educate them holistically.

“So, is how time we stop making excuses about no teaching and learning materials and start to improvise and stop making excuses because like the midwife scenario, some of you here were born with only an old razor blade, or like me, in a hospital like JFK where you expect all of the latest instruments and find alternatives.

“Like a midwife, your job is complete when the child has climbed the societal ladder and is contributing in a positive way. Therefore, when you are pushing the child to climb, use your two hands, your heart and your head,” LICOSESS President Wehye said.

The Valedictorian of the LICOSESS College of Education, Marylene Sackor, expressed gratitude to the administration and teaching staff of LICOSESS for the knowledge gained and assured using her education to make impact on the society as a teacher.

Mr. Lewis Brown proxying for the ANC Standard-Bearer Mr. Alexander Cummings who was to be the keynote speaker, lauded the administration OF LICOSESS on behalf of Mr. Cummings and admonished the graduates that their decision made to come and better their own life by attending LICOSESS will make a meaningful impact in their lives and that of the nation.

“I have come to admonish you all graduates, not to accept anyone telling you that you cannot make it because you are a woman or what your name is. The decision you’ve made to come to school will affect the life you will live so never ever try to forget about making positive decisions.  If you want to change your life, it depends on the choices you’ll make so keep reminding yourself of these words as you go through life circumstances to keep pushing. If Liberia must be a better nation, then the time is now to have a better teacher who will better set the pace for Liberia’s development,” Mr. Lewis Brown said.