Liberia: Several Disenchanted Unity Party Partisans Cross over to Ruling CDC


Monrovia – Several youngsters from the opposition Unity Party (UP) over the weekend deflected to the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) claiming that the UP is yet to break away from the class system and give everyone within the party a voice.

The group, “Disenchanted Unity Party Partisans for President Weah Re-election” believed UP Standard Bearer Joseph Boakai should be blamed for squandering opportunity they should be tapping in and has shown no sign of correcting the wrongs ahead of the upcoming elections.

Speaking when they suspended their membership with the Unity Party and pledge support to a Weah Presidency, the disenchanted UP Partisans Chairman, Thomas Tamba Bundoo said not only are they disenfranchised over lost opportunities, but also tired of being in an environment full of Class System.

“We the members and officials of the Disenchanted Unity Party Partisans for President Weah’s Re-election have officially gathered here today to firstly suspend our membership and support from the Unity Party AKA Squanderer Kingdom and to extend our sincere apology to H.E Dr. George Mannah Weah and the CDC for fighting and wrongly judging them over the past years,” Bundoo stressed.

“We were some of the reasons for which the victory of President Weah was prolonged during the 2017 election, we took the votes that were due to a true and patriotic son of the soil and wasted them on a Squanderer, which cause the election to go to a second round instead of President Weah winning the 2017 election on a first-round basic. Chairman of the National Revolutionary Youth League of the Mighty Congress for Democratic Change who is representing the party and will also be accepting this Petition on behalf of the President, kindly extend our hearty apology to President Weah and the CDC.

We are tired of being in the Squanderer Kingdom where our resources and many opportunities have been squandered by the Squander in Chief and other Baby Squanderers, a place where people take what belongs to babies and give it to dogs.”

Bundoo stated that since the UP Standard Bearer made a public statement about living on loan, it had seriously played on their emotion over the years, and wondered why he will earn a huge salary and benefits, only to affirming on loan.

He considered said statement as a high ingratitude and think, they can no longer continue to support someone of said category.

Besides, the aggrieved partisans, through Bundoo maintained, that they will not support the Unity Party on the basis that officials of the party do not care about the wellbeing of their partisans, or tried to show concern during the period. illness, but will only “support militants to carry out violence and insult government officials,” upon which, when militants are taken to courts, just to be released on bail.

“How can you work for over forty years including 12 years as Vice President earning millions of dollars from taxpayers’ money and after squandering a lot of opportunities which should have benefited the ordinary people, you still came back to tell the same people who opportunities you have squandered that you are living on loan,” Bundoo stated.

He further noted: “Fellow citizens, this is not just being insincere to men or to the State which you have been a liability on for over forty years, but it is also ungratefulness to God our provider.”

At the same time, the Disenchanted UP Partisans Chair mumbled that it would not augur well that he and other members who have defected to CDC continue to live in said deception for which they have entered a new home, CDC.

He expressed conviction that the CDC will amicably address those challenges created by the Unity Party government.

 He said to the CDC Youth Chairman:

“Fellow Compatriots and Emmanuel M. Johnson, National Youth Chairman, Members of the Fourth Estate, it is often said that when a man is getting drained in a water, he turn to hold on anything for survival, but the case of the Disenchanted Unity Party Partisans for President Weah Re-election is different, we are not just holding on anything, but we are with the strongest conviction that President Weah has the solutions to situations that we come across in our daily lives.”

“Disenchanted Unity Party Partisans for President Weah Re-election, had ample opportunities over the past months to analyze and critique the aims and objects, times of the various competitors in the upcoming elections the honesty, humanity, generosity, hard work, patriotism, service to country and practical approach in finding solutions to problems set President Weah apart from other presidential aspirants.” 

Further justifying their decision, Bundoo said their deflection ceremony was long planed and has been long overdue because they were told to hold on until after the National Convention of the CDC and could not also carried their plan out during the period of illness of former VP Boakai.

At the same time, the disenchanted UP Partisans used the medium to petition President George Manneh Weah for a second term Presidency.

“Today because of the following reason we the members and officials of the Disenchanted Unity Party Partisans for President Weah Re-election have conglomerated to Petition H.E Dr. George Mannah Weah for reelection,” they said.

Reading the petition, Bundoo cited several reasons for the petition to include, including the tuition-free policy of all public universities and colleges across the country which has eased the financial burden on students who are attending public institutions in Liberia, and the digitalization of the University of Liberia which made transactions very easier for students.

Additionally, he named the payment of WASSCE fees for all 12th graders in Liberia and the reimbursement of graduation fees of many private universities across the country by President Weah, the construction of feeder and major roads across the country, the construction of hospitals and other public buildings in the country, the construction of parks and youth friendly centers which to attract youth from going to unproductive areas and keep them in a safe environment, the promotion and protection of human rights and the maintenance of civil liabilities among others as a reason for his reelection.

Meanwhile, the Disenchanted Unity Party Partisans for President Weah’s Re-election is calling on Liberians to support President Weah’s reelecting comes 2023 and commit themselves to work earnestly, to ensure that President Weah gets a one-round victory in order to maintain the pathway to what they termed as “rapid development the country is currently experiencing.”