Liberia: “Senators Should Be Allowed To Carry Pistols” – Sen. Prince Y. Johnson Recommends


MONROVIA – Senator Prince Y. Johnson (MDR-Nimba County) has recommended that the Liberian Senate pass a law allowing lawmakers to carry firearms. The senator made the recommendation following a failed assassination attempt on the life of former Chief Justice Gloria Musu-Scott.

“What I think we can do is come up with something that will allow all senators to have CC cameras. We need protection. We have been threatened, and so we need to bring in the Justice Minister and pass some kind of law that will allow every lawmaker to have a pistol and register it.

“The law creating city orderliness does not permit them to carry arms, but they are carrying illegal arms. What about us, who are lawmakers and whose lives are in danger?” asked Senator Prince Johnson.

Senators expressed fear for the lives of both lawmakers and ordinary citizens.

Tough-talking Senator Abraham Darius Dillon (LP-Montserrado County) called for the dismissal of the Minister of Justice and the Police Inspector General. According to him, the police did not take Chief Justice Musu-Scott’s complaint seriously when she alerted the public that there were attempts on her life and that strange men were visiting her home. “We should not be sitting here deciding whether or not to invite the Justice Minister and Police boss. We should be recommending to the President the dismissal of these two officials of government for the careless manner in which they handled the former chief justice’s complaint.”

In a press conference, the Senate Defense, Security and Intelligence Committee announced that they were inviting the two officials from the executive branch (Police IG and Justice Minister) to appear before the committee as a whole to explain the circumstances surrounding the country’s security. Senator Steve Zargo (LP-Lofa County) stated, “This committee condemns the attacks on the former Chief Justice, which led to the death of her daughter. We demand a comprehensive report on all mysterious deaths.” He added that the committee is also demanding a detailed list of all Police Support Unit (PSU) officers and specialized units deployed at concession and mining companies and that President George Weah take concrete actions on crimes committed in the country.

In the committee’s press conference, they also demanded the provision of a state security officer to ensure the former chief justice’s personal safety. “There is no excuse for why security has not been provided to the former chief justice when she reported on two occasions that her life was under threat.” Senator Zargo blamed Police Inspector General Patrick Sudue for the recent attack on the life of former Chief Justice Scott. “I think the police dropped the ball, and the police boss should be blamed for this.”