Liberia: Senator Dillon Promises to Return to Old Self in 2022


MONROVIA – Montserrado Senator Abraham Darius Dillon says he is using the year 2022 to return to “the Dillon people knew”.

By that he means he will build on his shortcomings and begin to do his work in keeping with his commitments.

Senator Dillon in an exclusive Interview alluded to some of his shortcomings in the year 2022 and promised to build on them and return to the Dillon the people of Montserrado County knew and entrusted with their votes.

In 2022 a year after he got re-elected for nine years after completing the tenure of Senator Geraldine Doe-Sheriff was in the media for some of the wrong reasons some of which a simple yes or know could have settled but according to him that was his lowest and regret every bit.

“If I had the opportunity to do that, I will do it differently because that was simply a yes or no response that could have saved me a lifetime embarrassment. In this year 2022 I want to return to the Dillon the people knew,” he said.

The Montserrado County Senator promised to be more robust and firmer on positions in the interest of the general public. Dillon said despite some of his falls, he made some strides that didn’t take the interest of the national media.

He named the drafting of a bill that will reduce the take home income of lawmakers to U$$ 5k, the dual citizenship which became political because it came from him. He also talked about some communication that came from his office in the performance of his oversight which includes the APM terminal workers situation and the hike tuition.

In his efforts to regain the trust of the people, Dillon has promised that he along with other members of the Senate will vigorously review the 2022 draft budget, prioritising issues that will benefit everyone or for the general good.

Dillon who considered himself the light was criticized along with other members for receiving US$30k for legislative engagement. Though the money was legally justified, the public taught there were more important things that could have been addressed with sum of the than giving it to few who are privileged.

In his response to such decisions and the criticism that followed, he said: “The low moments we had in 2021 will not be carried on in 2022, my voice will not be diminished on the voice of US$ 30k.”