Liberia: Senate Extends Terms of Court to Bi-annual Terms


MONROVIA – The Plenary of the Liberian Senate has amended the Judiciary Law of the Liberian Code of Laws Revised to change the Terms of the Circuit Courts from Quarterly Sessions to Bi-Annual Sessions.

The decision by the Senate was necessitated by a report from the Senate Statutory Committee on Judiciary, Human Rights, Claims, and Petitions, recommending to Plenary to enact into law the revised proposed act, with the assurances that this revised Proposed Act, when enacted, will expedite the disposition of cases at Circuit Courts and thereby reducing the congestion of the trial dockets at the Circuit Courts.

Accordingly, the Committee pointed out that the Circuit Courts will have a longer continuous period of actual work than the quarterly session now provided by law. 

Additionally, the Committee chaired by Grand Cape Mount County Senator Cllr. H. Varney Sherman said the long continuous period of actual work will facilitate the disposition of more cases and thereby expediting speedy trial of cases and decongestion of the trial dockets.

However, the Judiciary Committee observed that the period duration is six months for each of the Bi-annual sessions (Term); which gives no time of resting period for the Circuit Judges within a period of 12 months.

The time period is reduced in the revised version to five months which leaves at least one month within every twelve-month period of rest for the Circuit.