Liberia: Ruling Coalition for Democratic Change Grand Cape Mount Senatorial Candidate Goes Down in History as the Shortest Serving Senator


MONROVIA – Senator Victor Watson sat right in plain sight giving no clue to the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) that he was the “vacation senator” they were referring to when they promised to make Senator Abraham Darius Dillon a short-term lawmaker.

On many occasions, partisans of the CDC, including the leadership of the party, promised to make Senator Dillon a one-year Senator and that he would go down in history as the shortest-serving Senator in Liberia. Little did they know that their own Senator Watson of Grand Cape Mount was preparing to break such unwanted record. 

Considered as one of the youngest Senators, Watson was certificated by the National Elections Commission (NEC) on November 18, 2019 as Grand Cape Mount senator, a little over two months after Senator Darius Dillon was became a lawmaker.

In his effort to reclaim the position, he was beaten by the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) Simeon Boima Taylor by 10,562 votes, constituting 34.98 percent to 8,935, constituting 29.6 percent of the total valid vote cast. Watson got the support of the ruling CDC and was one of those few candidates President George Weah traveled out of the capital to campaign for.

Watson had replaced the late Senator Edward Dagoseh, former chair of the Senate who died on June 1, 2019 at a hospital in Monrovia of cancer.