Liberia: Relatives of Ailing Liberian Musician, Educator Prof. Jones Dopoe Make SOS Call for Advanced Medical Treatment


PAYNESVILLE, Monrovia – Relatives celebrated Liberian cultural icon, folklorist and educator, Prof. Jones Dopoe are calling on the Liberian Government and the public for financial support to enable him seek proper medical treatment in Liberia.

Gerald C. Koinyeneh – g[email protected] 

Prof. Dopoe is well known for his satirical music. His famous song, “Sweet, Sweet Cassava Leaf,” is still fan favorite. However, he has gone out of sight of late due to his declining health condition. Currently he lives with one of his daughters in Dwazon Margibi County. Family members say although they have taken him to several clinics and medical facilities, he has not been given the proper treatment due to lack of money.

My father is aging and is also ill. He has not been able to walk. It has been two to three months now, and he nearly does everything in bed, said John Dopoe, one of his sons.

“We have carried him to some local clinics and health center, but actually he is not improving. So, we are calling on any good citizen, any organization to come to our aid so that we can be able to fight for his health,” he added.

John said age is another factor for the decline in his father’s health. He turned 83  last year December. Because there is no support coming, the family has decided derived at another alternative – ad that is to raise fund to take him to his hometown in the northeastern part of Nimba County, according to John.

Prof. Dopoe has thought several institutions of higher learning including the University of Liberia and Cuttington University.

In a rather emotional tone, John Dopoe, his son said despite intervention from the family to get the attention of the government, nothing has been done to rescue their father.

“We have tried and tried but nothing has been done from the government or any other person so we have no choice but to get money and take him back to Nimba, in our village,” he said. 

He feared that his father might likely die if urgent attention is not provided by the public, especially the government. 

The family can be reached on 0886444507 and mine is 0777082309.