Liberia: Nimba Lawmaker Hails MNG Gold for Development in Bong County


KOKOYAH DISTRICT, Bong County – The representative of Nimba’s district nine has commended the management of MNG Gold for its many interventions in the lives of residents of Kokoyah Statutory District.

Johnson Gwaigolo said the Turkish Mining company “has done well” over the years evidenced by road rehabilitation in the district, provision of motorbikes to some leaders of the district, construction of clinic and a vocational and technical school.

The Nimba lawmaker said considering the history of some concession companies who didn’t live up to their Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), MNG Gold continues to make the difference through meaningful projects that are not spelled out in the MOU it signed with the government before exploration.

“I was driving through Kokoyah District and the level of work done by the company over the years deserves commendations. MNG Gold has done so well for residents of the district, and I thought to recognize their efforts,” he said.

Rep. Gwaigolo made the statement Monday following his tour of a 5.3 kilometers road rehabilitated by the company. The road, which connects Bong to part of District nine via the St. River, was rehabilitated to enable a ferry procured by Rep. Gwaigolo to provide easy access to residents of Bong and Nimba Counties.

Rep. Gwaigolo said the rehabilitation of the road by the company gave him the impetus to procure the ferry, which he said is in the tone of US$35,000.00. “Had the company not rehabilitated the road it would have been almost impossible for me to procure the ambulance for my people,” he said.

Speaking at the program, the company’s government liaison person, Eugine Kollie said the company will continue to work for the people of Kokoyah District.