Liberia: Nimba KWADO Suspends President for ‘Clandestinely’ Endorsing President Weah for Second Term Bid


MONROVIA – A group of citizens from Nimba County under the banner Nimba Kwado have distanced themselves from a recent endorsement done for President George Weah’s second-term bid by the organization’s President, Mr. Isaac Dahn. Mr. Togba Porte, the Chairman of the board of the organization, told journalists during a news conference on Monday that Mr. Dahn unilaterally decided to endorse President George Weah of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) to contest for a second term bid.

By: Henry karmo [email protected]

“The organization is a non-profit organization; we are not political and were not officially informed as members and executive members. What they did at the Jamaica resort is not the decision of our organization,” Board Chair Mr. Togba Port stated during the conference at the organization’s headquarters in Congo.

At a news conference on Monday, the organization announced with immediate effect the suspension of the organization’s President, Mr. Isaac Dahn, and the Youth Chair, Mr. Ojuku Duo, for an indefinite time pending investigation. According to the board Chair, Mr. Togba Port, who read the suspension release on behalf of “Nimba Kwado” during a live press conference, the decision was triggered by the actions of both the President and Youth Chair for clandestinely endorsing President Weah’s second-term bid under the guise of “Nimba Kwado” at the President Jamaica resort in Paynesville without their acknowledgment.

Little over three days ago, President Weah’s second-term bid was reportedly endorsed by a few members of the “Nimba Kwado” organization. An Executive Mansion source informed FPA that after he realized the endorsement was fake and not overwhelmingly supported by the majority of the members of the institution, the President hastily requested the content earlier posted on the Executive Mansion Facebook page to be removed. The ruling CDC, since falling out with Senator Prince Johnson, is doing everything possible to show that with or without the Nimba Senator, they can poll the numbers.

Senator Johnson Withdraws Support

Senator Prince Y. Johnson has stressed that the political marriage between the Coalition for Democratic Change and the people of Nimba has come to an end after President George Weah failed to appoint sons and daughters from the county to top positions in the government. Senator Johnson contested during the 2017 General and Presidential elections. However, in the heat of the run-off election, Senator Johnson declared support for the CDC-led government after he failed to qualify for the run-off.

The support from Senator Johnson caused the people of Nimba County to overwhelmingly vote for President Weah, something that caused the CDC’s victory. According to him, in the agreement, the people of Nimba County should hold top ministerial posts, managing directors, some ambassadorial positions, and other top positions through his recommendations.

“Since the CDC-led government came to power in 2018, we are yet to see sons and daughters from our beloved Nimba County in those top senior positions we agreed upon and signed a document as evidence,” he said. “The citizens of Nimba have for the past five years been knocking at my door for the President to appoint them, and we have used all diplomatic means and have consistently engaged this CDC-led government, but nothing is working to get redress and make our people who struggled during the campaign period happy,” the release stated.

“It added: “Once again my fellow citizens of Nimba and supporters in Liberia and around the world, we would like to take this time to inform you that the agreement we signed with the CDC has come to an end.”