Liberia: New NPA Deputy Managing Director for Operations Fled the States for Alleged Fraud and Drugs


MONROVIA – FrontPageAfrica has gathered that the newly appointed Deputy Managing Director for Operations at the National Port Authority (NPA), Sam Doe, is a fugitive from the United States of America who was reportedly wanted for fraud and drugs.

FrontPageAfrica gathered from multiple sources in the United States and Liberia that Mr. Doe was part of a ring of criminals, mostly Liberians, busted by federal agents for fraud. He served his term and then moved to Georgia where he reportedly continued his fraudulent activities.

“His story is well known here. He would write fake checks to car rental companies and in some cases, he would run away with the car and have them shipped to Liberia,” a source from Atlanta said.

FrontPageAfrica has not been able to get comments from Mr. Doe.

Doe was investigated by federal agents for both drugs and fraud and was scheduled for court in Georgia when he fled the United States.

Mr. Doe was nominated to the position by the President on Monday. He is subject to Senate confirmation.

FrontPageAfrica gathered that some members of the Senate have vowed to be keen during his scrutiny for the post and would be taking into consideration his records from the United States.

The Liberian Senate has in recent times been very meticulous in their confirmation hearing for presidential nominees.

“If what we are hearing about this nominee is true, we will have to be very careful about how we go about his confirmation process. We may have to launch an investigation into this and make sure he is clean before he is confirmed,” a member of the Senate told FrontPageAfrica.

The Senator continued: “We cannot be wondering how US$100 million dollar worth of cocaine passed through the Freeport of Monrovia and then have someone who has allegedly been associated with drugs and fraud head operations at the NPA.”

According to the lawmaker, they will exercise the same level of scrutiny exhibited during the confirmation hearing of Darlington Karnley who was appointed to head the Liberia Aviation Authority on partly fake credentials.

Doe’s nomination comes at a time when the Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency is investigating how 520kg of raw cocaine stuck among frozen food entered the country on a 40ft container.

Like most countries in the West African subregion, Liberia is a major transit point for illicit drugs from South America to Europe or the United States of America. The Gambia, and Guinea Bissau are the main transit route for South America.

Liberia’s coastline is rapidly becoming vulnerable for drug operations.

The bust comes in the wake of a series of recent activities bearing similarities in the West Africa subregion.