Liberia: New Montserrado County Senator Vows to Rage Campaign Against Bill to Scrap Off By-elections


Monrovia – He may be new in the Senate, but Senator Abraham Darius Dillon has already kicked the ground running, and now he has promised to campaign against any law or constitutional amendment that would abolish by-election.

According to the New Montserrado Senator, who replaced deceased Geraldine Doe-Sheriff, says it is unfair to punish the constitution of Liberia because of the state of the economy. He said if the bad economy is the reason to change the laws on by-elections as stated by the proponents, the government must fix the economy.

“We will not punish our constitution for an economy that we are creating out of our own hands. If because the economy is bad that is why we must change our law and deprive our people the right to choose their leaders then let us fix the economy. I will campaign against that preposition and I will use every weight we have to campaign against that proposition.

“In a democracy, in every election like ours, it is the one last hope the people have to change their leaders who they feel are not representing them. We will not leave it to a handful of people especially in a country where the executive has an overbearing impact on the activities and people especially in government,” the Liberty Party Senator said.

Dillon’s comments come following a retreat called by President George Weah, where he proposed seven prepositions to amend the Constitution.

Speaking on the issue of dual citizenship, Dillon promised to support a law that calls for Liberians to hold citizenship of other countries and not those of other countries to hold Liberian citizenship and at the same time maintain their other citizenship. 

“I hold the view that once a Liberian, is always a Liberian. No situation should lead to someone losing your Liberian citizenship,” he said.

Speaking at a  press conference Monday in Monrovia, Dillon called on President Weah to retract comments he made that once he’s President of Liberia the Urey’s will not win any election and warned Ms. Telia Urey not to attend any dialogue called by President George Weah and Abu Kamara.

“We want the President to begin to exercise leadership. The act in District #15 is unacceptable and this will not go unnoticed. The people want answers and we can blame President Weah for the growing tension because he is divisive.

“We want the President to wake up. He is calling for a sit down meeting between Telia and Abu, I would think that Telia shouldn’t attend that meeting until he retracts openly the statement made against her that as long as he is President, Urey will not win an election.

“That statement put her in harm’s way and put her happiness at danger with his people who don’t look back when he speaks.”

Dillon believes the increase in lawlessness, violence, and insecurity is sending the “economy down the toilet” and every day there is some political noise in the country “engineered by the ruling Party” that scares away possible investors.

He announced that he is working with few senators to do communication as an addendum to Senator Nyounblee Karnga-Lawrence’s letter to plenary informing them that the issue of violence is grave to seek plenary endorsement to invite the Justice Ministry and the Police Inspector General.

“We must assure our people that we are one and politics cannot divide us. I will speak to the leaders of the collaborating political parties and we used all our influence that Ms. Telia will not sit with Weah until he retracts his statement against her that has ignited violence.”