Liberia: NACSUL Rubbishes Allegations against Minister Kemayah


Monrovia — The National Civil Society Union of Liberia (NACSUL) attention has been drawn to the series of smear campaign against the character of the Foreign Minister of Liberia, Ambassador Dee-Maxwell Saah Kemayah, Sr., by some individuals,who are claiming that he had wrongfully advice the President of Liberia, Dr. George Manneh Weah to notattend the United Nations General Assembly slanted for this month September 2021.

NACSUL finding revealed that at no time Minister Kemayah gave such advice to President Weah, but instead the President of the United Nations General Assembly informed all 192 member states that due to the COVID-19 pandemic countries are advice to make their presentation by virtual, limited delegation in-person or pre-recorded through their Head of State.

NACSUL further observed that the coordinated anti-Kemayah campaign is the work of detractors, who bend on living in the pass where transparency and accountability was lacking.

NACSUL said this campaign is sponsored by the deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Henry B. Fahnbullehand others at the ministry of foreign affairs, who are part of the “spoiled system” that Minister Kemayah is cleaning at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  

NACSUL will like to inform the general public that the latest investigation conducted by this institution further revealed that there is a massive reform process that is currently ongoing at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

NACUL notice that Ambassador Kemayah, has embarked on human capacity development, reforms of the Passport Division, strengthening of the protocol services, enhancement of the Foreign Service Institute, and the development of a blueprint to serve as a roadmap for future engagements, among others.

Minister Kemayah, who has been hailed in many quarters as a “Game Changer” at the Ministry, has always motivated employees of the Ministry to be robust in the execution of their assignment in a bid to ensure a shared vision and commonality in the advancement of the Foreign Policy Agenda of Liberia.

Kemayah, who is widely noted for being an “Overachiever and a team player”, has kept his promise by always signing in and out in spite of his status as Minister of Foreign Affairs and has encouraged all employees to follow suit.

We will like to use this medium to advice some media institutions and individuals to do due diligent before airing and publishing anonymous leaflet, which have the proclivity to derail the gain make by Ambassador Kemayah under a 10-month period. 

NACSUL challenged the self-proclaimed Independent-MOFAWA to provide all evidences of corruption and administrative ineptitude of the minister of Foreign Affairs and should come clear with their identity as we await the contact of such pay agent.

Finally, NACSUL is calling on the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Hon. Nathanial F. McGill and Ambassador Dee-Maxwell Saah Kemayah, Sr., to stop the in house fight on the issue who is more senior, which have the ability to bring the government to public disrepute locally and internationally.