Liberia: ‘Mr. Liar Man’ Boima JV Boima Apologizes to Pres. Weah and His Wife after Embarrassing Allegation


Monrovia – Boima J.V. Boima, the former Deputy Director-General for Rural Broadcasting at the Liberia Broadcasting System (LBS) says he was misinformed by some of his colleagues that President George Weah was in a love affair with his wife.

Boima has been a staunch member of the Coalition for Democratic Change since the run-off of the 2017 presidential election.

In October 2020, Boima tendered his letter of resignation for December but was he fired immediately after spewing the allegations against the President Weah on social media.

In November of last year, Boima fled the country for fear that he would be hunted by the President supporters.

On Thursday, Boima took on his Facebook page to apologize not only to his wife but also President Weah, adding that he was misinformed by some of his closest friends.

Boima: “Today, I have come to say that having done all of my investigation, having prayed about it, I have come to say that indeed the President never had any affair with my wife,” he said.

“This was a clear attempt by few people who believe they could use that situation with my wife and they know at some time could get emotional to get me out.

“I know how difficult it is but I owe God a great deal of sincerity, I owe my wife a great deal of apology for the ridicule she went through, the disgrace she went through and all of the molestations she went through.

“I want to say sorry Williemena, all the difficulties you went through. I know it is painful for you to accept but I am here to sincerely apologize to you.

“I am here to say Mr. President, I am sorry. I am here to sincerely apologize to you from my heart. I hold nothing against you. I am not saying for you to like me. I am not saying it for the people around you to like me. The Bible tells me that when I wrong people I should come back and tell them sorry.

“I know I messed up but it’s better to mess up and rise up again. It’s better to fall down and correct your mistake and move forward and that is what I am doing today.”