Liberia: Mohammed VI Foundation for the African Oulema Dedicates Offices in Monrovia


MONROVIA – The Interim Chairman of the National Muslim Council (NMCL) of Liberia has called on officials of Mohammed VI Foundation for the African Oulema Liberia branch to work with sincerity in their struggle to meet the foundation’s objectives.

Imam Abdullah G. Mansaray made the call on Tuesday during the official opening of the Foundation central offices in Liberia located on Carey Street, Monrovia.

Says Imam Mansaray: “On behalf of the National Muslim Council of Liberia, we want to say thank you for this initiative and we want to commend the president and the co-workers for such great step taken, but we are calling on you to work with sincerity as you struggle to meet the Foundation’s objectives and we hope and pray that your objectives would be met for the common growth of this Foundation.”

The Foundation’s Secretary-General Sheikh Sualiho Dukuly said they are proud and honored to hold the historic opening ceremony of the offices of the Foundation’s branch in Liberia, and asked Allah to make the existence of the institution a success and source of happiness for the nation.

Said Sheikh Dukuly: “In this regard, I am honored to extend my sincere thanks to His Majesty for his far-sightedness and initiative to establish the Foundation for African Scholars and to also establish its branches in 32 African countries.”

He stressed that with the help of Allah, they are proud and honored to hold the official historic opening ceremony of the offices of the Foundation’s branch in the Republic of Liberia, and asked God to make the existence of the institution’s success and source of happiness for the nation.

“I am pleased to mention to you some of the objectives of this giant institution: the most important of which is to preserve the ties of the Islamic brotherhood and revive and protect the Islamic heritage, to support tolerance, moderation, unity, peaceful coexistence, stability, security, development, charitable and humanitarian efforts, and also promote the efforts of Islamic scholars and education among other useful objectives.”

Sheikh Dukuly said they are gratified to take this opportunity to invite all the distinguished Islamic scholars of the Republic of Liberia to join us and cooperate with us in achieving these noble goals.

The LNMC ACTING Secretary-General expressed appreciation, and gratitude to all those who are in charge of the parent Foundation in Morocco, especially Dr. Ahmed Al-Tawfiq, Minister of Endowments and Islamic Affairs and the Acting President of the Foundation, His Excellency Brother Sidi Mohammed Rifiki, Secretary-General, and His Excellency brother Nasser Bousba, financial Director, for their efforts, dedication and hard work in supporting the activities of the branches in various African countries.

“I would like to seize this golden opportunity to express my thanks and appreciation to the Moroccan Ambassador, Mr. Idris, who is accredited to Liberia and resident of Guinea, Conakry, for his keen interest and cooperation and continuous communication with the officials of the Foundation branch in Liberia to encourage them to continue to work hard and sincerely to achieve the lofty goals for which this institution was established.”

He also extended thanks to Dr. George Weah, President of the Republic of Liberia, for his continued support and efforts to maintain peace, security, freedom, and equality.

Sheikh Dukuly extended thanks to all members of the Foundation in Liberia for their hard work and continued cooperation and asked for the Almighty Allah to bless them in this world and the life hereafter and also asked God to help all of them for the common good of the country and the people.