Liberia: Man, 50, Jailed for ‘Raping’ 13-Year-Old Girl; Says He Believes the Case Will Go Nowhere


Monrovia – A 50-year-old man identified as Bill C. Kollie has spent his second night behind bars at the Monrovia Central Prison for allegedly raping a 13-year-old girl.

Defendant Kollie was sent to prison on Wednesday by Monrovia City Court Judge Jomah S. Jallah.

On his way to prison, Defendant Kollie was heard telling relatives of the victim: “I am going to jail but nothing will come from it.”

According to police charged sheet, on Saturday, December 19, 2020, complainant Blessed C. Kollie, wife of defendant Bill C. Kollie reported to the Women and Children Protection Section of the LNP at Central and explained that her 13yrs old niece (victim) informed a neighbor, Jemall Davies on December 16, 2020 that her auntie(Blessed C. Kollie) husband, Defendant Kollie sexually abused her(victim) at his Kende Town, Rehab Community residence while she(Blessed C. Kollie) was on a vacation to her children.

“According to her (Blessed C. Kollie), when she got the information from witness Jemall Davies, she asked her niece about what Jemall told her and her niece explained the same story. She (Blessed C. Kollie) said, that very night, she took the victim to the defendant Kollie’s sister, Victoria Sumo home in Duport Road and the victim told her (Victoria Sumo) what all her brother did to her(victim) when she went to spent time at his place to her auntie.”

Charged Sheet continues: “She (Blessed C. Kollie) said that very day during the night hours, she (Blessed C. Kollie), Comfort Kahn, the defendant, and his sister Victoria Sumo took the victim to the Benson Hospital in Paynesville where they were informed that the victim was sexually abused.”

The police report also revealed that on December 17, 2020, defendant Kollie joined the team again and took the victim to the Pentecostal Church Health Care Center in Soul Clinic, where they were again told that the victim had Typhoid and that she was sexually abused.

“That very day they (Blessed C. Kollie and Comfort Kahn) left the clinic with the defendant. Later, they left for town and when they got back, they noticed that the victim was missing.”

“On December 18,2020 while in search for the victim, they got informed by witnesses Emma PAYE and Henry Howard, neighbors to Comfort Kahn that they (Emma and Henry) saw the defendant in the community and to Comfort’s house. Since that day, the victim has not been seen along with the defendant until his arrest. The victim has not been seen since December 17,2020 up to present and her whereabouts is unknown.

During questioning at the police, the charged sheet revealed that defendant Kollie admitted in the month of November 2020, his wife (Blessed C. Kollie) took her niece (victim) to his house in Kende Town Rehab Community in his absent and she(victim) spent six days.

“He stated that on the 17th of November 2020 in his absent, his wife again took the victim away without informing him. After two weeks four days, his sister Victoria Sumo called him at her home in Duport Road in the same November 2020 and told him that C.H.T told her while she was at his house spending time, he had sex with her in his bedroom. After he was informed, he said he never said anything but suggested the victim be taken to the hospital and that’s how she(victim) was taken to the Benson Hospital in Paynesville.”

Also, Mrs. Kollie was heard in the court yard threatening to commit suicide should her husband remain hesitant to provide the minor.

“If we can’t find the people daughter, I will just kill myself. I will commit suicide so everything can be finished on my part,” Mrs. Kollie said.

However, speaking to FrontPageAfrica, the father of the victim, Augustine E. Tulay also lamented that the defendant children told him (Tulay) that their father (defendant Kollie) always had sexual affairs with his daughter at night.

Tulay further explained that the children also informed him that on many occasions his daughter was heard crying and shouting in their dad room.

since December of last, he has not seen his daughter.

“My daughter was raped and kidnapped by her aunty husband. They have not given me any account of my daughter’s wellbeing,” Mr. Tulay said.